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Fixed VK Like widget initialisation for IE8 #49

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Slava Kotiya David Bushell
Slava Kotiya

I run into a bug with VK Like widget in IE8. It may initialise Like widget twise If there are more than one Like button on the page because IE8 sometimes somehow can create several DOM elements at the exact same time, thus there are many elements on the page with the same ID. Random number seems to solve the problem.

David Bushell

Thanks :)

It doesn't makes a real difference, but perhaps avoiding string manipulation may be a nanosecond faster! Instead of:

Math.random().toString().replace('.', '-');

Do this:


Who knows? Who cares!

David Bushell dbushell merged commit b6fcee0 into from December 04, 2012
David Bushell dbushell closed this December 04, 2012
Slava Kotiya

Actually Math.floor(Math.random()*1000) looks much clearer :)

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Dec 03, 2012
Slava Kotiya Fixed VK Like widget initialisation for IE8 fc3c771
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  1. 2  extensions/socialite.vkontakte.js
2  extensions/socialite.vkontakte.js
@@ -69,7 +69,7 @@
69 69
                     settings = Socialite.settings.vkontakte;
70 70
                 el.className = 'vk-like';
71 71
                 // Vkontakte needs explicit element id
-       = 'vkontakte-like-' + (new Date()).getTime();
+       = 'vkontakte-like-' + (new Date()).getTime() + Math.random().toString().replace('.', '-');
73 73
                 Socialite.copyDataAttributes(instance.el, el);
74 74
                 like = extendConfWithAttributes(instance.el, ['type'],;
75 75

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