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Control Cybrina humanoid motors with brainwaves for Caliban association at Mondial du Modelisme 2012 Paris
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Cyb by Samneurohack with Mindwave headset
for Caliban association with Cybrina Humanoid at Mondial du modelisme 2012 Paris, June 14-17  
Program by samneurohack at
Short develop time : some part of GUI is useless 
Needs Mac or Windows computer. Serial and voice command can run on Linux.
A robot servo "choregraphy" player is included for testing : cybchore.r

Cybrina has Lynxmotion SSC-32 servo-serial interface and Prolink USB-Serial interface (download drivers from Internet)

Two players, one per servo, one computer per player. 

Two versions : cyb1.r (servo +- voice wip) / cyb2 (servo +- voice wip)

TCP 13854 : thinkgear Connector (2+ with bubbles on menubar for Win/Mac) with thinkgear bootstart. 
TCP 13859 : TCP -> Serial port (VSPE freeware on server mode for Win / cybrinet.rb for OS X or Linux / for Linux ) = "Server computer" is supposed to be IP NB : Serial port aren't autodetected you need to modify the sources to the correct serial port (search in /dev/)

If two computers and OS X/Linux server : use main.r to accept 4 connections TCP connections : 2 redirected to TCP 13859 and 2 for voice. mainvoice.r open two tcp connection for speech .wav file

setup robot movement in cyb program : 
motorleft: "#13"
motoright: "#8"
leftstart: 1950
leftend: 1350
leftstep: -151		; (leftend - leftstart) / 4
rightstart: 700
rightend: 1100
rightstep: 34		; (rightend - rightstart) / 4

*use negative step if end position < start position*

See choreinit.txt for serial instruction examples 
#motor Pnewposition Tlengthofmove

Voice solutions : 

- Text to speech : OS X : built in say command line with chosen voice / Win : espeak but poor results. Set up with better mbrola voices too complex. main.r also translate incoming text to voice
- Recorded voices : can be from ivona website mainvoice.r use commands to launch the different .wav 

Difficulty : several mindcounts / mindlevels. Program has 12 possible mindlevels. For quick operation : each completed mindlevel adds 3 mindlevels so it's a 4 levels game as is, but can be modified search line in cyb rebol program mindlevel: mindlevel + 3

Required mental task : fixed attention : look to a movie, stop thinking,…

Detection : difference between Attention and Meditation values within 15 + no human move (check on low gamma) 

RUN Procedure

Win : doubleclick on cyb1.r (if server : launch VSPE first +- mainvoice server)
OS X : rebol cyb1.r (if server : launch : ruby cybrinet.rb first +- main or mainvoice server)

if main.r or mainvoice.r is used (2 players, server is not Windows or voice) follow instructions in a specific order asked by main program family.

RobON to connect to tcp -> serial server
Choose the player : LEFT or RIGHT (default is left)
RobINIT if robot need to reach some server position before.
Voiceon if voice. Voice is very alpha and was poorly tested. Mail me if needed.

To replay try gameRST button or quit/launch cyb1.r


Robot : to test a cybrina choreography (choregraphie.txt) : start VSPE (win) or cybrinet.r (OS X) then Launch cybchore.r. Linux needs only but has no GUI. cybrinetest.rb can also be used to test 13859 tcp server 


Requirements : Rebol, ThinkGearconnector, VSPE, ruby for OS X. Python serial management is not working with Prolink on OS X but can be used for *nix.

USB needed : Mindwave dongle, USB to robot

Install Rebol view 2.7.x, *note that rebol 3 is not supported* :
OS X: you may want to copy rebol in your PATH i.e to /usr/bin/

Download and Install a serial access for python if needed like pyserial :
In terminal type :
sudo easy_install pyserial

Install Thinkgear Connector program form Mindset developper tools :

For Ruby (used on 1.8.7) ruby-serialport is needed, see first lines of cybrinet.rb for install instructions.
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