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osu!next Signature Generator
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osu!next Signature Generator v3

This is a signature generator written in PHP for osu!next style signatures. The design is based on flyte's design. Live version with the generator can be found here.

Relatively up-to-date documentation can be found at my site here.


The generator itself is in sig.php. All templates accepts the following parameters:

  • uname - required The username of the user you want to generate a signature for

  • colour - The background and stroke colour of the signature. Valid values are any 6 digit hex value prepended by hex or %23, or:

    Colour name Hex colour
    red #ee3333
    orange #ee8833
    yellow #ffcc22
    green #aadd00
    blue #66ccff
    purple #8866ee
    bpink #ff66aa
    darkblue #2255ee
    pink #bb1177
    black #000000
  • mode - The gamemode you wish to view stats for. 0 is osu!standard, 1 is osu!taiko, 2 is osu!catch and 3 is osu!mania.

TemplateNormal accepts the following:

  • pp - Where you want the pp to be displayed. Undefined does not show at all, 0 shows in place of the level, 1 shows next to the accuracy and 2 shows above the rank.
  • removeavmargin - If specified (no value required), there will not be a 3px margin between the card's stroke and the profile picture.
  • flagshadow - Adds a shadow to the flag
  • flagstroke - Adds a stroke to the flag
  • countryrank - Shows your country rank (experimental)
  • darkheader - Darkens the text in the header
  • darktriangles - Darkens the triangles
  • opaqueavatar - Adds a white background behind the avatar
  • avatarrounding - Sets a custom rounding for the avatar - must be a numeric value
  • rankedscore - Whether to show the ranked score in place of the Play Count or not


colour uname mode Image
green Lemmmy unspecified
pink sobatsuyu 1
hexFFAA00 hvick225 0

Note: hex is a workaround for osu!'s gocamo server

Live examples

URL Image


The generator requires ImageMagick and memcached. You will need a file in p/ called .priv.php with contents like such:

define("AKEY", "your-osu!-api-key");

It is recommended to place a blocking .htaccess in this directory.


Favicon is owned by Dean 'peppy' Herbert. The mode icons and flags are designed by Flyte and can be found at his pixelapse here. triangles.png and triangles2.png are self-made.


Everything except the following files are licensed under GPL-v3:


The following files are licensed under AGPL-v3 and are from this repository:


The flags in flags/* are created by Muharrem Şenyıl and can be found on his Dribbble.

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