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TLD source code
- This is the official source code to the TLD tracker released under the GPL version 3.0.
- For commercial licenses contact the main author:
- Join supporting discussion group at
- Cite the following paper if you use the code for academic purposes.
author = {Kalal, Z and Matas, J and Mikolajczyk, K},
journal = {Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition},
title = {{P-N Learning: Bootstrapping Binary Classifiers by Structural Constraints}},
year = {2010}
Tested on: Matlab R2010a, VS2010, Windows 7 (32-bit, 64-bit), OpenCV2.2
1.1 Install OpenCV
a) make sure to compile opencv
b) make sure that system variable PATH includes the directory to the OpenCV DLLs
1.2 Check paths in 'compile.m' file
1.3 run 'compile.m', if you get errors go to OpenTLD discussion group
1.4 run 'run_TLD.m', TLD should track a motorbike
(c) 2011 Zdenek Kalal,