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"todo" : [
"[REFACTOR] add event capture phase",
"write tutorial docs",
"respect z coord",
"port the clear rects and overlap cache to carena",
"implement update loop, similar to render",
"simple css renderer to provide basic styles to nodes"
"future" : [
"css parser",
"add textual fields aka steal from tmpvar/cider",
"implement drop feature",
"implement drop filtering",
"build a useful sample (contacts)",
"use the dom to generate the carena tree"
"done" : [
"allow nodes to store a position in 2d (and z coord for render order)",
"figure out how dropables work, what event they hook onto, and where.",
"implement DrogTarget",
"build out a <i>very</i> minimal tree structure",
"write unit tests to check that this tree will function as expected"
"nope" : [
"implement Dropables"