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Perform work before and/or after an operation.

API Signature

// Create a chain with no layers and no core function
var chain = require('filterchain').createChain(/* layers */, /* core */);

Where chain is a function that accepts an optional data and a required callback with the arguments errors and data. The callback is called after the filter chain has been executed.

data can be any javascript value

// Except to show what the chain callback looks like
chain('some optional data', function(errors, data) {})

And layers is an array of functions

var chain = require('filterchain').createChain([
  function(data, next, cancel) {

    // just forward the data, this is basically a no-op
], core);

And core is the function that will be run after the capture phase but before the bubble phase. The core method should accept data and fn.

var chain = require('filterchain').createChain([], function(data, fn) {

  // send the incoming back the same way it came
  if (data === true) {
    fn(null, 'tricked ya!')
  } else {


chain(true, function(errors, data) {
  console.log(data); // outputs: 'tricked ya!'

chain(false, function(errors, data) {
  console.log(errors[0]); // outputs: 'error!'
  console.log(data); // outputs: undefined

What does it do?

In a sense, filter chains are similar to onions. Passing data into the outer husk causes it to flow down through each layer toward the core. Each function (aka: layer) along the path as a chance to either manipulate or validate the data before forwarding it onto the next layer or canceling it.

var chain = require('filterchain').createChain([
 function(data, next, cancel) {

  // ignore the incoming data and forward something more
  // to our liking
  next('pass this along');

chain(function(errors, data) {
  console.log(data);  // outputs 'pass this along'

Cancelling causes the flow of the chain to be reversed immediately.

var chain = require('filterchain').createChain([
 function(data, next, cancel) {

  // the first argument to cancel is an optional error.  The error
  // will be collected and sent to the final callback for processing
  cancel('fat chance');
], function(data, fn) {

  // this is never called
  fn('some other thing');

chain(function(errors, data) {
  console.log(errors[0]); // ouputs 'fat chance'

The core of the filter chain is an optional function.

var fc = require('filterchain');
var chain = fc.createChain([


Basic Usage

The basic operation of filterchain goes something like this:

var fc =  require('filterchain');
var chain = fc.createChain([
  function(data, next, cancel) {
  } // you can add more functions here

chain('initial data', function(data) {
  console.log(data); // outputs 'override'

More interesting examples

var fc =  require('filterchain');
var chain = fc.createChain();



npm install filterchain


works with just a script tag or an asynchronous module loading system like require.js