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Commits on Feb 24, 2015
  1. Domenic Denicola

    Move ownerDocument up to Node

    domenic authored
    Fixes #1043: we were passing in '#document' as the ownerDocument parameter to Node when initializing Document. But, it didn't matter, since (a) we overrode it with `this` anyway a few lines later; (b) we shadowed the ownerDocument getter to return `null` correctly for documents.
Commits on Feb 23, 2015
  1. Joris
Commits on Feb 20, 2015
  1. Domenic Denicola

    Remove document.parentWindow in favor of defaultView

    domenic authored
    parentWindow was nonstandard, although unfortunately we've been recommending it in our docs for some time.
  2. Domenic Denicola

    Re-do initialization and contextification

    domenic authored
    Using the new vm module in io.js, we can contextify pretty easily and without any native modules.
    This also re-does the initialization lifecycle to get rid of the horrible globally-shared modifications.
  3. Sebastian Mayr Domenic Denicola

    Partially update browser test suite

    Sebmaster authored domenic committed
    We can successfully run more parts of our node test suite on the browser too now!
    Also updated a few of the comments of the suites I've tried.
  4. Sebastian Mayr Domenic Denicola

    Fix the execution context/scope of scripts when loaded in a webworker

    Sebmaster authored domenic committed
    This dynamically rewrites the provided source code to always refer to window if it's a global variable.
    * toString() of functions will return different results: a "window." prefix on global vars and whitespace modifications
    * Refering to undefined variables will not throw an error due to the window prefix for now. This might be fixable by throwing the error ourselves.
  5. Domenic Denicola

    Fix up NOT_IMPLEMENTED implementation

    domenic authored
    Since 770088f it was giving the wrong error message. Also cleaned up the logic and rearranged the parameter order to make the common cases easier. Finally, added a regression test for #1032.
  6. Sebastian Mayr

    Fix tests to not use about:blank as a test origin

    Sebmaster authored
    about:blank has some special relative url resolution behaviour, so it leads to unexpected results.
Commits on Feb 9, 2015
  1. Domenic Denicola

    Remove isSameNode

    domenic authored
    No longer present in the DOM Standard. And it was pretty dumb anyway.
  2. Domenic Denicola

    Rewrite isEqualNode to match the modern DOM Standard

    domenic authored
    Fixes #1015. The web-platform-tests are sufficient; before this change they failed with the same error as given in that issue, and afterward they pass.
  3. Domenic Denicola
  4. Domenic Denicola
Commits on Jan 27, 2015
  1. Tobie Langel Domenic Denicola

    Fix incorrect HTTP Cookie header

    tobie authored domenic committed
    The whole cookie string was sent to the server instead of just the `key=value` pair.
  2. Tobie Langel Domenic Denicola

    Add config option for custom resource loader

    tobie authored domenic committed
    Closes #939.
Commits on Jan 21, 2015
  1. Paul O’Shannessy Domenic Denicola

    Only uncheck radio buttons in the same form

    zpao authored domenic committed
    When selecting another radio element, only other radios in the same form should be unchecked.
    Previous fixes for this were incomplete, as illustrated by the new test case.
Commits on Jan 20, 2015
  1. Domenic Denicola
  2. Alec Hulce Domenic Denicola

    Handle empty HTML string passed to jsdom.env

    fluffybunnies authored domenic committed
  3. Alec Hulce Domenic Denicola

    Handle null bytes passed to jsdom.env

    fluffybunnies authored domenic committed
Commits on Jan 17, 2015
  1. VinothKumar Raman Domenic Denicola

    Add named Image(width, height) constructor

    vinothkr authored domenic committed
  2. Jeff Carpenter Domenic Denicola

    Remove window.document.errors functionality

    jeffcarp authored domenic committed
  3. Jeff Carpenter Domenic Denicola

    Add virtual console

    jeffcarp authored domenic committed
    - jsdom.getVirtualConsole, for fetching an internal console emitter
    - virtualConsole.sendTo, for forwarding internal output to any console
Commits on Jan 5, 2015
  1. Domenic Denicola

    Always use about:blank as the default URL

    domenic authored
    Also fix some URL-resolving bugs revealed while doing so.
  2. Sebastian Mayr Domenic Denicola

    Fix error output in browser-display

    Sebmaster authored domenic committed
    We still need to totally rewrite that. It's too messy and hard to maintain.
  3. Domenic Denicola

    LOTS of spec-compliance updates

    domenic authored
    - Updated `DOMImplementation` to mostly work per-spec, including removing/neutering public feature-related methods and fixing up the createDocument and createHTMLDocument methods.
    - Re-did the `CharacterData` implementation to follow the algorithms in the DOM Standard; this notably removes a few exceptions.
    - Re-did `Comment`, `Text`, and `ProcessingInstruction` to follow the DOM Standard and derive from `CharacterData`.
    - Re-did `DocumentType` to follow the DOM Standard and be much simpler.
    - Fixed a variety of accessors on `Node` and `Element`; some were removed that were nonstandard (especially setters); others were updated to reflect the spec; etc.
    - Removed all traces of entities, entity types, notations, default attributes, and CDATA sections.
    - Re-did name/qname validation to work with the xml-name-validator package and some centralized algorithms. This necessitates a new workaround so the parser can create attributes with invalid names, similar to how it already does for elements.
    - Made the XML parser at least somewhat aware of processing instructions.
    - Cleaned up doctype parsing and association between doctypes and documents.
    - Cleaned up parsingMode and its relation to the initialization lifecycle. contentType now generally reflects the given parsingMode, unless overidden.
    - Moved some properties to Document.prototype and Window.prototype instead of setting them as own properties during the document/window creation.
    - Moved the Location object to live on the document, not the window, as per spec; `window.location` gets the Location object of its associated document.
    As part of this a *lot* of tests had to be updated. A few common themes:
    - Try to have documents be parsed via the public API, instead of creating them using internal constructors
    - Properly test XML as XML, in the XML parsing mode
    - Remove a bunch of tests related to obsolete things
    - Try to update attribute-related tests to reference `name` instead of `nodeName`, since eventually we want to get rid of `nodeName` for attributes
Commits on Jan 4, 2015
  1. Domenic Denicola

    Fix #972 by upgrading nwmatcher

    domenic authored
Commits on Dec 28, 2014
  1. Kenneth Powers Domenic Denicola

    Replace non-standard `matchesSelector` with `matches`

    KenPowers authored domenic committed
  2. Domenic Denicola

    Move selectors code to lib/jsdom/living

    domenic authored
    Also fleshed out the tests, and made querySelector correctly stringify its argument.
  3. Domenic Denicola

    Clean up how objects are built throughout levels

    domenic authored
    - Remove examples because they referenced the old level stuff and also they were pretty lame
    - Still TODO: cleanup living/* to not refer to separate core and html.
    This was kind of rushed so there's probably more cleanup to do. But all tests pass!!!
  4. Sebastian Mayr Domenic Denicola

    Move html parsing into level1 too

    Sebmaster authored domenic committed
    Sadly, this creates even more private variables on the dom which we have
    to get rid of.
  5. Sebastian Mayr Domenic Denicola

    Remove defaultLevel from public API too

    Sebmaster authored domenic committed
  6. Sebastian Mayr Domenic Denicola

    Removed all traces of levels

    Sebmaster authored domenic committed
    The only thing remaining is the defaultLevel export. I left that in for
    now in order to allow someone to overwrite internals without having to
    resort to require()ing deep into our internal structure.
  7. Domenic Denicola

    Remove level1/svg tests!

    domenic authored domenic committed
    They were literally the exact same tests as the level1/core tests, except with a different xmlns attribute on the document root.
  8. Domenic Denicola

    Remove "default attribute" related tests from level2/core

    domenic authored domenic committed
  9. Domenic Denicola

    Fix casing issues in level2/core

    domenic authored domenic committed
  10. Sebastian Mayr Domenic Denicola

    Remove even more tests testing random attributes

    Sebmaster authored domenic committed
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