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Sizzle test failures #525

domenic opened this Issue Oct 27, 2012 · 5 comments

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domenic commented Oct 27, 2012

The Sizzle test failures are actually legit. We should fix them.

Here's what I have:

  • "Form element :input (#form :input)": due to #465, since it checks for el.getAttribute("type") === null which is false since it's "" due to that bug.

  • "Selected Option Element (#form option:selected)": the first <option> in a <select> should have el.selected === true, but it currently does not.

  • "Element focused (input:focus)" and ":focus Matches": I doubt we handle focusing at all right now.

  • Not - multiple (#form option:not(:contains(Nothing),#option1b,:selected)): same "selected" problem as above.

domenic commented Nov 20, 2012

Here is how Sizzle/jQuery tests :focus:

"focus": function( elem ) {
    var doc = elem.ownerDocument;
    return elem === doc.activeElement && (!doc.hasFocus || doc.hasFocus()) && !!(elem.type || elem.href || ~elem.tabIndex);
tmpvar commented Nov 20, 2012

yep, fixed the sizzle :focus failure earlier with c78cbed

I think we may be missing test coverage for all of the 'focusable' elements though (textarea comes to mind)

domenic commented Dec 19, 2012

One of the :selected-related ones can be traced to dperini/nwmatcher#63

domenic commented Dec 19, 2012

"Parent element (non-space descendant combinator) (div p)" can be traced to dperini/nwmatcher#64

domenic commented Jan 12, 2013

Closed in favor of individual, up-to-date bugs: #551, #552, #553.

@domenic domenic closed this Jan 12, 2013
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