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@domenic domenic Created Changes from 0.11.1 to 1.0.0 (markdown) 301ee50
@domenic domenic Explain change to done's errors param. 78a16db
@domenic domenic Window will not be passed, instead of being null, for a creation error. fe377d3
@domenic domenic Document the created callback's `done` parameter better. 4f71593
@domenic domenic Explain window.document inside created better. b29e17b
@Sebmaster Sebmaster Fix callback names 915387b
@domenic domenic More substantial editorial revisions. c4ed591
@domenic domenic Minor tweaks 74e6ef6
@Sebmaster Sebmaster Updated PR 792 (markdown) 374e223
@Sebmaster Sebmaster Described what #792 actually does 646ae16
@tmpvar tmpvar Migrated from home v1 b922104
@tmpvar tmpvar Initial Commit 0520d13
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