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# LUFA Library
# Copyright (C) Dean Camera, 2012.
# dean [at] fourwalledcubicle [dot] com
# Makefile to build the LUFA library, projects and demos.
# Call with "make all" to rebuild everything, "make clean" to clean everything,
# "make clean_list" to remove all intermediatary files but preserve any binaries,
# "make doxygen" to document everything with Doxygen (if installed) and
# "make clean_doxygen" to remove generated Doxygen documentation from everything.
@echo Executing \"make $@\" on all LUFA library elements.
$(MAKE) -C LUFA $@
$(MAKE) -C Demos $@
$(MAKE) -C Projects $@
$(MAKE) -C Bootloaders $@
@echo LUFA \"make $@\" operation complete.
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