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v0.3.0 - January 14, 2012

After nearly a year of neglect, finally getting back to node_pcap.

Applied many fine pull requests from many fine contributors on github. Thanks. I'll add more documentation on these changes soon, but I wanted to get them out there right now since one of the fixes makes node_pcap actually work on node 0.6.

v0.2.8 - March 1, 2011

Fix bug when TCP_Tracker encounters a pipelined response. - Mark Nottingham

v0.2.7 - December 6, 2010

Initial support for IPv6 - Joe Hildebrand

v0.2.6 - December 5, 2010

Should now compile properly on node 0.2.x and 0.3.x.

Remove http_trace, simple_capture, and tcp_metrics. They'll be in their own package soon.

unversioned wasteland

See the git history for what happened before.