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Add hack to the XPLAINBridge project to allow it to compile even if a…

…n identical OBJDIR directory exists in the dependant AVRISP-MKII clone project folder.

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1 parent 978ed47 commit 41cb4f565551971a08757532b95b5e297d9a6e14 Dean committed Jul 26, 2012
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@@ -29,6 +29,14 @@ LD_FLAGS =
# Default target
+# Since this project borrows files from the AVRISP-MKII project which may also have an
+# identical OBJDIR directory, we need to enforce the use of this project's object file
+# directory as the one where the build object files are to be stored by pre-pending the
+# absolute path of the current project to the OBJDIR variable.
+ifneq ($(OBJDIR),)
+ override OBJDIR:=$(shell pwd)/$(OBJDIR)
# Include LUFA build script makefiles
include $(LUFA_PATH)/Build/
include $(LUFA_PATH)/Build/

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