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Cross references are a core concept in IDA. They provide us with links between different objects and addresses throughout an IDB.

>>> for xref in sark.Line().xrefs_from:
...     print xref
<Xref(frm=0x0041745B, to=0x0041745D, iscode=1, user=0, type='Ordinary_Flow')>
<Xref(frm=0x0041745B, to='loc_4174A4', iscode=1, user=0, type='Code_Near_Jump')>

>>> for xref in sark.Line().xrefs_from:
...     if xref.type.is_jump:
...         print xref
<Xref(frm=0x0041745B, to='loc_4174A4', iscode=1, user=0, type='Code_Near_Jump')>

Sark xrefs are pretty compact objects:

Member Usage
frm xref source address
to xref destination address
iscode is code xref
user is user defined xref
type XrefType object


To make querying the type of the xref as easy as possible, the XrefType object was created:

Member Usage
name a string representing the type, mainly for display
type the numeric type constant, as per IDA SDK
is_call is the xref a call
is_jump is the xref a jump
is_* predicates to check if a specific type applies. Includes all xref types.

Usage is quite simple and looks like plain English (of sorts):

>>> if xref.type.is_jump:
...     print "xref is jump."

Getting Xrefs

Xrefs can be retrieved from lines or functions. Both objects have xrefs_from and xrefs_to properties that allow retrieval of the relevant xrefs.