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Exploration of word2vec's huffman tree
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Huffman tree from word2vec


This is mostly a copy/paste from the Google word2vec implementation in C.

I've removed a lot of the code, and left only the Huffman tree creation behind.

I did this to study the results of the CreateBinaryTree() function to better understand how a Huffman tree is used in this library.

I have posted a full write-up of what I learned on my blog.


Again this is mostly the same thing as main.c, but I added a bunch of JavaScript callbacks to the stdout as the program runs. These callbacks call functions defined in script.js.

I just copy/paste these function callbacks to the bottom of script.js to view the results.

The goal is to create a picture of "memory" that looks like this:

memory picture

And then animate the changes.

The animation is in anim.html. Note that this has in now way been optimized for vocabularies with more than 8 unique words...

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