Prometheus runs on vagrant with Grafana exporting access log of nginx by td-agent
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This repository provides an environment where prometheus and grafana are running on. You can very easily launch it if you have vagrant 1.8.x.

                 - prometheus
                 - grafana
                 - td-agent
       |                         |
       v                         v
    client1                   client2
     - node_exporter            - node_exporter
     - nginx                    - nginx
     - td-agent                 - td-agent

Getting started

Download ansible roles.

$ make setup

Just bring up all VMs. This basically may take several tens minutes (e.g: 15 minutes for me) because it launches three VMs and downloads lots of components.

$ vagrant up

If you're failed, vagrant up --provision [server|client1|client2] or vagrant provision [...] work to fix.

Then type to open prometheus targets page.

$ make

Sample requests

Generate sample requests.

$ make gen

Running playbook

You can manually run playbooks if you need.

$ vagrant ssh-config > ssh-config
$ ansible-playbook server.yml -t grafana

Discovery with consul

Enable consul cluster

$ ansible-playbook consul.yml
$ ansible -m shell client -a "/usr/local/sbin/consul join"

prometheus configuration


Configured URLs

prometheus URL
grafana URL

grafana admin is admin/admin.


Run fluentd as a foreground process

 /opt/td-agent/embedded/bin/fluentd -c /etc/td-agent/td-agent.conf  -v