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Utilities to dump or manipulate SWF with Ruby
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SwfRuby is a utilities to dump or manipulate a SWF with Ruby.

  • features
    • SwfRuby::SwfDumper
      • Analysing the structure of specified SWF.
      • Used from 'swf_dump' command.
    • SwfRuby::SwfTamperer
      • Manipulating(replagcing) resources in SWF.
      • Used from 'swf_jpeg_replace', 'swf_lossless_replace', 'swf_as_var_replace' and 'swf_sprite_replace' command.
    • compatible on ruby-1.8.7 and ruby-1.9.3.


  • RMagick >= 2.13.0 (ImageMagick >= 6.5.7)


$ gem install swf_ruby


$ git clone git://
$ cd swf_ruby
$ rake install

Command-Line Tool Usage

Analysing the structure of SWF

$ swf_dump samples/sample.swf
SetBackgroundColor, offset: 20, length: 5
DefineFont2, offset: 25, length: 34
DefineEditText, offset: 59, length: 50
PlaceObject2, offset: 109, length: 11
DefineBitsLossless2, offset: 120, length: 178
DefineShape, offset: 298, length: 55
DefineBitsJPEG2, offset: 623, length: 10986

Replacing Jpeg in SWF

$ swf_jpeg_replace samples/sample.swf 623 samples/bg.jpg > samples/sample2.swf
# <623> is offset to DefineBitsJPEG2 resource getting by 'swf_dump'.

Replacing GIF/PNG in SWF

$ swf_lossless_replace samples/sample.swf 120 samples/icon.gif > samples/sample3.swf
# <120> is offset to DefineBitsLossless2 resource getting by 'swf_dump'.

Replacing ActionScript Variable in SWF

$ swf_as_var_replace foo.swf bar piyo > foo2.swf
# <bar> is variable name. <piyo> is new value to the variable.

Replacing Sprite(internal movieclip) in SWF

$ swf_sprite_replace foo.swf bar piyo.swf > foo2.swf
# <bar> is instance variable name of movieclip. <piyo.swf> is new movieclip file to replace.


  • Sample GIF image is provided by ICHIGO-APORO.

Copyright (c) 2011 tmtysk. released under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2. See COPYING for details.

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