Plug and play battery percentage and icon indicator for Tmux.
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Tmux battery status

Enables displaying battery percentage and status icon in tmux status-right.

Battery full (for OS X):
battery full

Battery discharging, custom discharge icon:
battery discharging, custom icon

Battery charging:
battery charging

Battery remain:
battery remain

Battery fully charged:

Battery between 99% and 51% charged:

Battery between 50% and 16% charged:

Battery between 15% and dead:

This is done by introducing 4 new format strings that can be added to status-right option:

  • #{battery_icon} - will display a battery status icon
  • #{battery_percentage} - will show battery percentage
  • #{battery_remain} - will show remaining time of battery charge
  • #{battery_status_bg} - will set the background color of the status bar based on battery percentage
  • #{battery_graph} - will show battery percentage as a bar graph ▁▂▃▅▇


Add #{battery_icon}, #{battery_percentage} #{battery_remain}, or #{battery_status_bg} format strings to existing status-right tmux option. Example:

# in .tmux.conf
set -g status-right '#{battery_status_bg} Batt: #{battery_icon} #{battery_percentage} #{battery_remain} | %a %h-%d %H:%M '

Installation with Tmux Plugin Manager (recommended)

Add plugin to the list of TPM plugins in .tmux.conf:

set -g @plugin 'tmux-plugins/tmux-battery'

Hit prefix + I to fetch the plugin and source it.

If format strings are added to status-right, they should now be visible.

Manual Installation

Clone the repo:

$ git clone ~/clone/path

Add this line to the bottom of .tmux.conf:

run-shell ~/clone/path/battery.tmux

Reload TMUX environment:

# type this in terminal
$ tmux source-file ~/.tmux.conf

If format strings are added to status-right, they should now be visible.

Changing icons

By default, these icons are displayed:

  • charged: "🔋" ("❇ " when not on OS X)
  • charging: "⚡️"
  • discharging: (nothing shown)
  • attached but not charging: "⚠️"

You can change these defaults by adding the following to .tmux.conf (the following lines are not in the code block so that emojis can be seen):

  • set -g @batt_charged_icon "😎"
  • set -g @batt_charging_icon "👍"
  • set -g @batt_discharging_icon "👎"
  • set -g @batt_attached_icon "😐"

Don't forget to reload tmux environment ($ tmux source-file ~/.tmux.conf) after you do this.


  • Battery icon change most likely won't be instant.
    When you un-plug power cord it will take some time (15 - 60 seconds) for the icon to change. This depends on the status-interval tmux option. Setting it to 15 seconds should be good enough.

Other goodies

You might also find these useful:

  • resurrect - restore tmux environment after system restart
  • logging - easy logging and screen capturing
  • online status - online status indicator in tmux status-right. Useful when on flaky connection to see if you're online.

You might want to follow @brunosutic on twitter if you want to hear about new tmux plugins or feature updates.



  • Adam Biggs
  • Bruno Sutic
  • Caleb
  • Evan N-D
  • Jan Ahrens
  • Joey Geralnik
  • Joseph
  • Martin Beentjes
  • Mike Foley
  • Ryan Frantz
  • Seth Wright
  • Tom Levens