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  • do not remap K if normal mode mapping is already defined
  • update compiler file

v3.0.0, 2014-11-16

  • add a minor indentation rule for multi-line strings.

v2.3.0, 2014-11-16

  • add g!
  • write docs

v2.2.0, 2014-11-16

  • K mapping now uses :Man tmux and jumps to the exact section in the manpage.
  • improve K mapping for use with older tmux versions

v2.1.0, 2014-11-14

  • makeprg and errorformat
  • improve the readme

v2.0.0, 2014-11-14

  • add 'comment' and 'commentstring'
  • 'keywordprg' always opens man tmux and ignores the word under cursor
  • tmux strings can span several lines
  • add support for user options
  • do not check for vim version less than 6.0
  • double quote strings can be escaped
  • fix: syntax keyword optional notation can be used only for string parts at the end of the file
  • add syntax highlighting for format variables
  • syntax support for format aliases
  • syntax highlighting for attribute interpolation
  • syntax highlighting for shell interpolation
  • string delimiters highlighting
  • use delimiter highlighting groups for interpolation regions
  • proper support for colors, fix bug for hex colors
  • support for prompt interpolation chars
  • highlight URLs in comments
  • support for vi-edit, emacs-edit, vi-choice, emacs-choice, vi-copy and emacs-copy mode keywords
  • better support for number with plus or minus +,- prefix
  • support for additional option values
  • support for bind key symbols
  • support for select-window option format
  • support for strftime interpolation in strings
  • improve a groups of keys that can be bound to a command

v1.0.0, 2014-11-12