Weird color behavior in Vim as of commit 13a0b6bb #776

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wincent commented Feb 14, 2017

I just tried the latest tmux master and found that the colors in my Vim instance go crazy as soon as Vim loses focus. It's possible there's a quirk in my set-up and I may be doing something wrong but I'm reporting it anyway in case something unintended happened on the tmux side.

This screenshot shows the behavior; Vim is on the left and is bright green, but it's supposed to be dark, almost black.


I bisected the problem to 13a0b6b. Prior to that commit, if behaves as expected.

This is on Darwin i386, $TERM is xterm-256color outside of tmux, and tmux-256color inside tmux.

I repro'd with ./tmux -vvvv -Ltest -f/dev/null. Then I ran export TERM=tmux-256color, ran vim, and created a split; as soon as Vim loses focus the colors get borked.

This only happens with tmux-256color, not with screen or tmux or screen-256color. The terminfo for tmux-256color was made with tic -o path/to/terminfo path/to/input and this input file:

tmux-256color|tmux with 256 colors,
  sitm=\E[3m, ritm=\E[23m,
  smso=\E[7m, rmso=\E[27m,

Will attach the server log file:

Like I said, I may be doing something wrong. Thanks for any light you can shed on this. In the meantime, I'm going to run on the parent commit, which doesn't exhibit the problem.

nicm commented Feb 14, 2017

I am pretty sure this is fixed but the commit has not made it to GitHub yet, if you wait a day or so it should turn up.

wincent commented Feb 14, 2017

Good to know. I'll loop back in a few days and close this once I've confirmed that it's fixed.

wincent commented Feb 14, 2017

Actually, looks like it just got merged in (guessing 4c2a780 was the fix). Thanks!

@wincent wincent closed this Feb 14, 2017
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