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Source code and development process

tmux is part of the OpenBSD base system and OpenBSD CVS is the primary source repository:

GitHub holds the portable tmux version. There are a few minor differences (for example, the OpenBSD code doesn't include the -V flag) but otherwise the additions are mainly for portability.

Code changes to the main tmux code are committed to OpenBSD and then a script automatically applies any new commits to the GitHub repository every few hours.

It is fine to develop and submit code changes with a GitHub PR, but the final form will be a patch file which is applied to OpenBSD CVS.


tmux currently sees a new release approximately every six months - the same schedule as OpenBSD, around May and October. This means that the GitHub releases contain roughly the same code as OpenBSD releases (but not necessarily exactly the same).

The release process consists of a branch from which one or more release candidates are produced for testing, until the final release is published and the branch removed.

Non-code contributions

Here are some ideas for anyone who would like to contribute to tmux without writing any code:

  • Testing. Test master, test release candidates, test releases.

  • Improve the FAQ. Write (and maintain) some official howto guides.

  • Help with packaging releases for different platforms or produce static builds so people can test more easily.

  • CI for more platforms.

  • Write regression tests (see the regress/ directory).

  • Write (and maintain) build and installation instructions for different platforms.

  • Triage and manage open issues and help to reply.

Code contributions

Here is a list of outstanding feature requests or notes for future development. They are sorted into three sections approximately by difficulty of implementation. If there is a GitHub issue then its number is shown in brackets.

It is worth getting in touch before starting work, particularly on larger items, to avoid any duplication of effort.

Small things

  • (#1839) It would be good if select-pane had a -Z flag to preserve zoom state (if already zoomed, stay zoomed), similarly for other commands (swap-pane). Perhaps this should be the default rather than adding a flag.

  • "After" hooks are missing for many commands that do not use CMD_AFTERHOOK.

  • Some sort of menu or menus in copy mode.

  • Add resize-pane -p to match split-window -p.

  • A flag to wait-for for a timeout or to stop waiting on a signal.

  • A command in copy mode to toggle the selection.

  • (#1240) Key in copy mode to search for word under cursor.

  • source-file should allow - for stdin like load-buffer (this would be easier and work better if (#1755) below was done first).

  • wait-for could do more, for example being able to wait for a pane to exit or close (could use the existing notify code in some way).

  • (#1784) A way to disable line wrap but preserve any trimmed content (so it can be viewed if the pane is made bigger).

Medium things

  • Regex search and highlighting in copy mode. Could also look at cleaning up and perhaps merging the various stringify and search bits.

  • (#1605) Support for ZERO WIDTH JOINER U+200D.

  • It would be nice to have a flag for new/neww to open a number of panes at once, for example 'neww -X "top" "top" "top"' would open a window with three panes - perhaps in a tiled layout by default.

  • (#1755) Instead of load-buffer, save-buffer and source-file opening the file in the server, they could ask the client to do so and send back a file descriptor. This would fix the <(echo foo) mechanism in some shells which passes /dev/fd/X as the path (where X is a descriptor open in the client but could be already in use for something different in the server). Probably the existing stdin code could be merged into this as well. Would perhaps need to consider Cygwin which doesn't have file descriptor passing.

  • Marked positions in history. Could use the same prompt-detection escape sequences as iTerm2. Could be listed by capture-pane and also a menu to jump to marks in copy mode. (#1042) is related and also has some code to display a marker line.

  • (#1545) Copy mode searching is very slow when there is a big history, need a good solution.

  • Drag panes and windows around in tree mode in order to move or swap them.

  • Make the commmand prompt able to take up multiple lines.

  • (#918) A way to specify how panes are merged when one is killed. Could be an option to kill-pane.

  • Allow multiple targets either with multiple -t or by giving a pattern or both.

  • Searching in copy mode should handle wrapping, so a search for "foobar" then it should be found even if wrapped into "foo\nbar" (that is, the GRID_LINE_WRAPPED flag is set on the line).

  • (#682) Improve word and line selection in copy mode (for example when dragging it should select by word. Compare how xterm(1) works.

  • (#1718) Copy mode should behave better if the pane outside is modified. At the moment it stops reading which is not ideal, and there are also questions about how it should work with copy-mode -e.

  • The lexer in cmd-parse.y should be a single state machine rather than separate functions for environment variables, strings and formats.

  • (#1842) Floating windows (wouldn't call them windows though). Could use same overlay mechanism as menus, would need a way to update the content, could just be a separate process with its own screen or could be a command.

Large things

  • Better layouts. For example it would be good if they were driven by hints rather than fixed positions and could be automatically reapplied after resize/split/kill. Pane options can be used.

  • (#1269) Store grids in blocks. Can be used to reflow on demand. Would be nice to revisit how history-limit works - would it be better as a global limit rather than per pane?

  • (#1503) Panes that cross multiple columns for extra height. This seems fraught with complexity for anything but the simplest cases.

  • Link panes into multiple windows.

  • Separate active panes for different clients.

  • (#44) & (#1613) Support for SIXEL.

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