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I've added support for via a new rbenv: configuration key. It will now also exit with an error if both rvm and rbenv are configured.

Thanks for the great tool!

hedgehog commented Dec 1, 2011

@prognostikos, could you share your rc/profile settings?
I'm not able to get rbenv which rake to show the vendor path to that was installed by bundle install --path vendor --binstubs --shebang ruby-local-exec. What I get is the path to the global install I do use the bundler plugin but that does not help either.

Either way this is a very nice addition to have. @aziz?

I also think the issue I'm having is related to the shell used, Ubuntu seems to use dash, and this makes ambiguous what environment it is that you have. Opening another isse with some fixes to allow default shell to be customized.


Hi @hedgehog,

My .bashrc contains the following lines

if [[ -d $HOME/.rbenv ]]; then
     export PATH="$HOME/.rbenv/bin:$PATH"
     eval "$(rbenv init -)"

and my .bash_profile just sources the .bashrc. The .bashrc itself does some checking to only execute some commands if it's an interative shell, but the above is run for every shell.

You can see all my dotfiles here on github -- my bashrc is here



hedgehog commented Dec 2, 2011

@prognostikos thanks! 2Q's:

  • When you start a tmux session what is TERM set to within tmux?
  • Is this Ubuntu?

I use the same configuration on OSX, Solaris & Ubuntu. OSX as workstation,
Solaris & Ubuntu servers.


I set this explicitly in my .tmux.conf which you can also see in my config
files repository.

On Fri, Dec 2, 2011 at 12:29, Hedgehog <


@prognostikos thanks! 2Q's:

  • When you start a tmux session what is TERM set to within tmux?
  • Is this Ubuntu?

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sheerun commented Nov 15, 2012

what's the status of this ticket?


+1 I would love this support in Tmuxinator.

nchase commented Mar 22, 2013

This would be awesome to have. +1



rbenv support has been added recently with merging of #96, thanks for your support! 👍

@franciscoj franciscoj closed this Apr 8, 2013
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