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Welcome to the API documentation!

Here you can find information about It can be used for getting GGRadio radio information (such as: now playing, recently played and artwork) - or for getting social media information from our various platforms, such as Virtual Market.

Version information

The doesn't receive many breaking updates, patches are not (yet) publicly versioned, but major releases are visible at Our Versions Endpoint

Current Production REST version: v4.1

Current Production WebSocket Version: v5

Release Cycle

Stage 1: Development

A branch is created for the new version, that could simply be v4.1-patch-2, or a whole version such as v4.2. Local development begins in that patch, adding new features. As's API is currently close-sourced, this is not public, however upcoming features will be announced on this wiki.

Stage 2: Staging Sign-Off

Once the features (usually in a proof-of-concept code style) are complete, a merge request is opened to bring the patch/version into staging (see below for more information on production vs staging) - once signed off by all devs, the merge is completed, CI/CD on GitLab will send this update out to our servers. After a few minutes the new patch/release will be available on staging to all. Documentation will be written at this stage and bugs may be resolved in the patch branch

Stage 3: Production Sign-Off

Now the patch/release has undergone staging testing, a merge request will be opened to bring it into production, final commits may be made at this stage, but nothing will be 'breaking' especially to the public facing APIs.

Once all developers have signed off, the patch branch will be merged into 'master' - CI/CD will swiftly run the test suite and deploy it, first gracefully disconnecting our active users.

During this stage, the /api/versions will mark the patch/release as 'staging', it can be used with[version]

Stage 4: Final deployment

This is when the default version for our API is changed to the new patch/version. This will happen within 3 weeks of stage 3.

API V4.1 is currently in the devel/release cycle. Please see API docs for upcoming changes in August.

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