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Code for the JNode operating system
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Welcome to JNode!

In this file, you find the instructions needed to setup a JNode development environment.


JNode has been divided into several sub-projects in order to keep it "accessible". These sub-projects are:

JNode-All The root project where everything comes together
JNode-Cli Various command line commands
JNode-Core The core java classes, the Virtual Machine, the OS kernel and the Driver framework
JNode-Distr Tools and apps needed for a JNode "distribution"
JNode-FS The Filesystems and the various block device drivers
JNode-GUI The AWT implementation and the various video & input device drivers
JNode-Net The Network implementation and the various network device drivers
JNode-Shell The Command line shell and several system commands
JNode-Sound Future work
JNode-Textui Text based AWT interface

Each sub-project has the same directory structure:

<subprj>/build All build results
<subprj>/descriptors All plugin descriptors
<subprj>/lib All sub-project specific libraries
<subprj>/src All sources
<subprj>/.classpath The eclipse classpath file
<subprj>/.project The eclipse project file
<subprj>/build.xml The Ant buildfile
<subprj>/build-tests.xml The Ant buildfile for running all tests of this subproject


JNode is usually developed in Eclipse. (It can be done without)

The various sub-projects must be imported into eclipse. Since they reference each other, it is advisably to import them all at the same time using Import -> Existing projects into workspace.



On Windows: build.bat cd-x86-lite
On Linux: cd-x86-lite

Or in Eclipse, execute the "cd-x86-lite" target of all/build.xml.

The build will result in the following files:

all/build/cdroms/jnode-x86-lite.iso bootable CD image
all/build/cdroms/jnode-x86-lite.iso.vmx VMWare configuration file


On VMWare: Open all/build/cdroms/jnode-x86-lite.iso.vmx and click Start.
On Linux:


If you have any questions, please post them to the forums at or to the IRC channel

-- The JNode Team --

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