A prototype WebSockets game written in JavaScript and PHP
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#LOL - The Red and Blue Squares game.


A very simple browser game for 2 players. There are 9 cells on the screen, clicking on a cell changes its color to either red or blue depending on which player has clicked the cell. The winning condition is to color the entire board (all 9 cells) in a single color.

A sole purpose for creating this game was to experiment with WebSockets and investigate feasability of this technology for browser-based game.

More details can be found on http://doppnet.com/


  • PHP >= 5.2
  • Mongo DB
  • PHP sockets
  • PHP mongo (pecl install mongo)


  • Place code in path served by your webserver
  • By default game will use port 12345. You can modify that in files index.php and tttServer.php.
  • Point your WebSockets capable browser to your webserver

##License This code is released under MIT License.

However the following items included in this repository are licensed differently: