PHP RabbitMQ Administration Console
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RabbitMQ Administration Console

RAC is an administration console for RabbitMQ. Is written in PHP and uses the PHP Erlang Bridge Extension to communicate with RabbitMQ

RAC PHP code is structure around Limonade, which is a lightweight PHP framework.

See here for a screenshot.


Install the PHP Erlang Bridge Extension from here

Get the source code of RAC:

> git clone
> cd rac

Get the source code of limonade:

> git clone lib/vendor/limonade

Setup an Apache Virtual host or your Nginx to use the project's web folder as the document root.

The admin console has been tested in the same server that runs the RabbitMQ process.


Copy the file config/config.php.sample to _config/config.php and edit the values for host and cookie to suit those of your system.


Design: Neil Fang

PHP Code: Alvaro Videla

RabbitMQ logo taken from:


  • Improve Error Handling
  • Add security for several tasks allowed in the admin console
  • Implement more commands to display information like the server status