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Ideas for hackathon

  1. Bus/Metro Train Tracker(App/website)

    Bus/Metro Train Tracker uses Global Positioning System to locate the real-time location of the Bus/Metro train which is reported to the Server dynamically. Users can then view the current location of the Bus/Metro Train on a map through the smart phone app or website, which also can calculate the expected arrival time at a stop provided by the user saving his/her precious time in a smart way. Bus deroutes, delays and other notifications will also be shown in the app/website, through subscribed sms alerts.

  2. Manage Trash Collection

SMS-based service with unique code for each garbage bin in the municipality. Each complaint SMS will generate an unique complaint number, with web support for monitoring complaint status

Space: Sanitation

  1. Degree Recommendation System

Mobile App that collects your interests and recommends bachelor and/or master degree based on an individual's strength and weakness. App can also provide details on how to apply and eligibility criteria for the degree. Such an app can help students to be aware of local oppurtunities available.

Space: Education

  1. Garbage Collection Feedback System

Almost similar to the first one. [1. People can send SMS or use mobile app to complain about overflowing garbage bin. 2. To display the routes in which the trucks collected the garbage on each day (Web app).] The web app is to increase the transparency in the system.We can find, [1. Are the workers collecting the garbage properly.2. Is there need for any additional garbage bin or to increase the frequency of garbage collection.]

Space: Sanitation

  1. School MIS

Ability to monitor the kind of education imparted in municipal schools, School enrollment, School Drop outs, Teacher ratio, Teacher absence, Student absence

Space: Education

  1. Water Supply Coverage

Area covered by municipality water supply, No of days of supply/ schedule

Space: Water Supply

  1. Water Quality in GIS

Map the quality of water at each area, e.g. salty water, high mineral content, hardness etc.

Space: Water Supply

  1. School MIS

To decide on school performance, need for more schools/ teachers - student performance & tracking

Space: Education

  1. School MIS

Performance in exams By region, By gender, by age, class of people/ caste etc..

Space: Education

  1. Health & water analytics

Ability to see route cause for health issues from kind of water info and disease control & predict supply of drugs

Space: Health

  1. Health communication

Health Camp & vaccination schedule for each area

Space: Health

  1. Vehicle Tracking of ambulance

Map of ambulance to call nearest ambulance directly

Space: Health

  1. Civic Services

Notify (sms/ email) vaccine dues @ hospitals (PHCs) by making use of registered births / medical record system

Space: Health

  1. Analytics on Solid waste management

Expected Garbage/ Actual Garbage, report user satisfaction on cleanliness

Space: Solid waste management

  1. Mosquito level

Notify the mosquito levels in a particular area

Space: Health

  1. Water Sufficiency

Micro Water Availability, Borewells vs. Tankers used, Utilization tracking to ensure even distribution of resources across areas

Space: Water Supply

  1. Grains Availability

Report on shortage of grains within days of reduced. Have a way to give the availability in number of days of availability based on per capita usage

Space: Urban Poor

  1. Traffic data crowdsourcing

Traffic fatalities report to identify places that require infrastructure upgrade,crowd sourcing for traffic data pedestrian issues

Space: Road

  1. Complaint management solution

A mobile app or website to post complaints on road, including damaged road, uncleared garbage, water stagnation, Street lights not working, input includes photos, desc, geo location and a UI for complaint management for administrators

Space: General

  1. Standard Management process

Road + speed breakers, lanes, zebra crossing - standards to be used paint type, reflective, contractor issue, expiring of previous service given etc..

Space: Road

  1. Disease predictive app

Connect weather info, number of diseases reported and predict the kind of preventive care to be taken, Supply of drugs & supplies

Space: Health

  1. Clean my city

Garbage clearance, expected vs actual report user satisfaction based on area sanity & mosquito level

Space: Sanitation

  1. My City during monsoon

reporting on water clogging and storm water drains

Space: Rain water harvesting

  1. Water borne disease origin system

    A system which will detect which locality is affected due to water borne diseases.

    Space: Water Suppply

  2. GXP APPLICATION -- Government X (for/to/etc) People application

    Tool to streamline egovernence

    Summary: So many egovernence projects exists throughout india, This tool acts as service accelator. GXP compatmantlizes with citizens & officials information on need & role basis. GXP does not need major changes to existing process. Only acts as faclitator

    Citizens desiring required service use GXP as an facilitator.

    GXP is an formbuilder framework, designed to facilitate online capture of data.

    Taking an example of applying for EC in tamilnadu.

    At present EC can be applied thru online and directly. GXP enabled apps can be done thru online only and personal visits are not possible.

    Mr X visits GXP Logs in using Google / FB / Twitter etc --> Selects EC --> Selects Tatkal / Different process accelaerators --> Pays based on service estimates --> Fills in required details --> Confirmation number is generated by GXP.

    Official who has to issue EC then checks if all required details are available. Official has to accept or reject on FIFO basis, Cant process N+1th application without processing Nth application GXP can also be used to infer statistical information ( best worker based on number of EC's issued Statewise,permutations are endless)

    if all details are present --> EC is issued and sent POST only ( steps to prevent office visit )

    Citizens cannot visit govt offices for any GXP enabled applications.

    Citizens can pay in any bank using GXP confirmation numbers ( elimates CC transactions ), go to bank write GXP confirmation number and Pay.

    Since citizens cant visit offices GXP eliminates middlemen & associated issues.

    Framework can be used to expand to different service enablers. EC,LLR,IDP,Birth cert,Death cert etc etc.

    Common framework of forms handling and process viewer.

    Example 2 )

    Citizens logs onto GXP --> Applies for LLR --> confirmation --> LLR is sent by post.

    Uses same GXP confirmation to apply for permenent license.

    To get permenent license Driving test is required, Logon to GXP , fix appointment --> go to RTO on sceheduled date with only GXP confirmation number.

    Citizens --> has only GXP Road test administrator --> Marks pass or fail against GXP. Licesnse comes by POST

  3. A massive open online course forum

    A forum where teachers can post videos, tutorials, students can post notes, clear doubts etc.

    Space: Education

  4. CarPool

    A mobile app which provides users with real time car pooling options using their location and other preferences. Objective is to make carpooling a regular habit for office goers.

Space: Road

  1. A wiki for bus timing through out the state.

  2. Pet Menace Tracker

    A mobile app or website which provides the user to specify the address and number of street dogs that need to be eliminated. Once the user logs a compliant first it sends request to organisations like blue cross or peta and waits for stipulated time for them to react, incase they are unable to take action the request is forwarded to the municipal authorities. In every step of this process the app provides that accurate status of request Eg:"Waiting for blue cross to react. Blue cross Dead Line: 2 days left".

    Space: General

  3. Know your Hospital

This App/Hospital Provide the facilities and services provided by the near by hospitals and also provide the infrastructure that the hospital provides. This will be very useful in case of emergency and reduce the unwanted wandering/searching for a particular facilities. This app also provide the ratings for the hospitals that is provided by the people only..

*Space: Health Care.

  1. Public Toilet Around

This App would provide the list of public toilets that are available around your location with exact distance in KM. This will be very useful for the people who are on travel within the city as well as outside the city limit. This would encourage the public to use the facility there by which it can avoid urinating in public places.

*Space: Sanitation.

  1. App for bus ticket generation

The users could be given a special account with the transport organization and they could have money stored in their account just like the Airtel Money. When they travel in bus, they just have to make sure that they select their bus route number and then their destination and they could pay through their mobile phone. We could avoid people who do not take tickets because of crowd and we could easily track who used which bus in case of criminal investigation. When employed properly this could become a very useful merge to the government.

*Space: Public transportation

RACER – Road Accidents Crime Evaluation Report

A computational approach is used to solve, Road Crime & Bribery problem. The goal is to avoid bribery among Traffic Cops and making easier to access complaints registered. It’s completely new idea and an innovative approach for real life problem. RACER Police Access is an Android Application used by Cops for registering and retrieving complaints from Cloud by XML Parsing. Every Complaint has own its predefined amount in cloud hence there will be no space for bribery. People can use RACER-User Access Application to pay fine using PayPal.



Transport in the Republic of India’s an important part of the nation's economy. Since the economic liberalisation of the 1990s, development of infrastructure within the country has progressed at a rapid pace, and today there is a wide variety of modes of transport by land, water and air. Motor vehicle penetration is low by international standards, with only 103 million cars on the nation's roads. In addition, only around 10% of Indian households own a motorcycle. At the same time, the automobile industry in India is rapidly growing with an annual production of over 4.6 million vehicles, and vehicle volume is expected to rise greatly in the future. In the interim however, public transport still remains the primary mode of transport for most of the population, and India's public transport systems are among the most heavily used in the world. India's rail network is the 4th longest and the most heavily used system in the world, transporting 7651 million passengers and over 921 million tonnes of freight annually, as of 2011. Despite ongoing improvements in the sector, several aspects of the transport sector are still riddled with problems due to outdated infrastructure and lack of investment in less economically active parts of the country. The demand for transport infrastructure and services has been rising by around 10% a year with the current infrastructure being unable to meet these growing demands.


• Bribery • No exact fine amount • Maintenance of Charge sheets for many years • No Centralised Control • Fake License


            RACER (Road Crimes Evaluation Report) is a mobile application used for CENTRALISED MAINTENANCE OF ROAD CRIMES BY USING QR CODE IN LICENSE. QR Code methodology will used here to scan the QR Code from the license to find fake license, validity of the license and the history of the license. This RACER has two types: 

• RACER –POLICE ACCESS • RACER – USER ACCESS Through these applications various traffic rules are updated in the mobile apps along with fine details so we can avoid corruption. RACER – Police App is used by traffic police. RACER – User App is used by people to view their crime history and to pay fine. Main advantages of this system are no bribery and centralized management of crimes. All the crime history of person will be saved in cloud and they can be retrieved later. Payment of fine will be done by two ways. They are • Direct payment to police • User side payment by using RACER user access. The Cloud is used here as the centralized control and by use of that we can easily find the fine history. All the details will be stored in cloud , in cloud we can see what are the cases are filed.


• No bribery • Centralized Maintenance of crimes • Standardization of fine and rules • Finding fake license

To know more:

Space: General/Public-Problems-Civic Services

31.# Know your family Description : App to know about each individuals current ancestors within their family. This will help a lot in future generation.

*Space : Civic services

32.# TamilNadu Health Meter Description : A Visualization app that provides the overall health status of various cities based on datas of Sanitation, Hospitals, Schools, Public Toilets collected over the course of 10 Years that helps CMA to enhance the infrastructure in respective wards to meets the necessary requirement of Growing Population.

*Space : Civic services

33.# Garbage collection vehicle management

A Management portal for effectively utilizing the collection vehicles and route optimization.

Space : Sanitation

34.# Solid Waste Management

Ad-hoc Waste pick up service

  1. Request waste pick service (on a given date) in a specific locality/house/apartment - In case of planned events (such as functions, gathering, celebrations etc)
  2. Request for specific kind of waste collection (by schools, colleges, apartments): e-Wastes, commodities like old stuff which people throw away, cut branches.
  3. Logging and tracking Complaints - Overflowing bins, request for additional bins
  4. Tracking waste pick up status in every area

Space : Solid Waste Management 35. # Real Time Traffic Alerts

An App for the traffic police where they can update the traffic abt their respective areas, theycan also suggest alternative routes, blockages of an are/road. Similarly an app/website for people where they can tag/search their areas/routes they travel for traffic alerts.

Space: Roads

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