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Procedural Tactical RPG
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Wizards' Duel

This is the main repository for the videogame Wizards' Duel.

Status of the Project

Wizards' Duel is not in a playable state at the moment but the project should build without problem and some test assets are present to, hopefully, prevent the game from crashing during startup. Please bear in mind that this repository is only used for development and not for deployement. To follow the development and news please refer to the project's site.


Right now only test assets are present. Later on a different repository will be created to include the assets required to play the game.

Required Libraries

To build and run Wizards' Duel you need (at least 2.0) and its dependancies. These are cared for automatically by downloading the packages from NuGet.

If you prefer no to use NuGet, the SFML assemblies must be added to the solution and SFML's external libraries must be copied to the executable root folder.

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