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IE VMs using modern.IE, Vagrant and VirtualBox
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modern.IE VMs with Vagrant and Virtual Box

A simple way to start a Windows VM with IE/ Edge browser installed. Meant to be used for testing purposes. See for more info.

How to use

Install dependencies

Install both vagrant and Virtualbox if you don't already have them.

Clone the repository

:; git clone

Install Vagrant plugins

:; vagrant plugin install vagrant-triggers
:; vagrant plugin install vagrant-vbguest

Start the VMs

You can start any version of IE you'd like with just a simple command:

:; vagrant up ie6-xp
:; vagrant up ie8-xp
:; vagrant up ie7-vista
:; vagrant up ie8-win7
:; vagrant up ie9-win7
:; vagrant up ie10-win7
:; vagrant up ie11-win7
:; vagrant up ie10-win8
:; vagrant up ie11-win81
:; vagrant up msedge-win10

You might see many SSH authentication failure warnings, and eventually timed out. This is expected. The Windows VM with IE should already been opened via a GUI with Virtualbox.


You can access the host's network from inside the VM by going to

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