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A python library for handling Excel spreadsheet data generated by the MoneyLover Android app
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MoneyLover Excel Lib

This is a library to data crunch excel documents generated by MoneyLover Android app.

To load generated documents into library, first open them with openoffice or libreoffice and save as .xlsx.

Sample scripts can be found in scripts/ directory, documentation can be found in docs/ directory. To run sample scripts put them in the same directory as

If you find a bug, please post about it in the MoneyLover-Excel-Lib github issues section. Contributors more than welcome. Features to be implemented can be found in plan.txt.

To install latest stable release, you can use pip: sudo pip install MoneyLover_Excel_Lib

If you use pip, the module must be imported with one of the following two statements: from MoneyLover_Excel_Lib.moneylover import * or import MoneyLover_Excel_Lib.moneylover

Otherwise you may use the module by placing in the same directory as your script and importing using: from moneylover import * or import moneylover

Written by Tim Nibert

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