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Victor Ofoegbu vickOnRails
Frontend Engineer & Product Designer. JavaScript | Typescript | React | Design systems | Web standards


Pranshu Srivastava rexagod
GCI'19 | GSoC'19 | 2xOutreachy'19 | @publiclab | NWoC'19 | KWoC'18 | DevFest'17

East Delhi, India

Max Base BaseMax
Full-Time open-source programmer. My nickname is Max, Full-stack programmer. I don't know anything. In the path of a real computer engineer...#BlackLivesMatter

@GitHub developer maintainer The Internet, Remote

Aaron Graham aarongraham9
@IBM /UNB Centre for Advanced Studies Atlantic (@CAS-Atlantic) Research Interests: Virtual Machines, Managed Runtimes, Garbage Collection and Memory Management

@IBM / UNB Centre for Advanced Studies Atlantic (@CAS-Atlantic) Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

Brian M Hunt brianmhunt

NetPleadings Inc Toronto, Canada

Aina Oluwatimilehin Whizkevina
Frontend Developer using MERN & MEEN Stack. Member @nodejs

@UoPeopleSDS Lagos, Nigeria

Jeff Jeff-Tian
A wild developer. Open Source ❤️. Shanghai

Mark Thom mthom

RuleML Fredericton, NB

Jiawen Geng gengjiawen
Software Engineer.

Shenzhen, China

Li YuBei leeight
It's not a bug, it's a feature.

@Bytedance Shanghai, China

The quieter you become,the more you are able to hear.
muuk lifa123


RAVI MISHRA erravimishracse
IT Analyst | Full-stack Web Developer | Digital Transformation IT

@ITCorporate Sector India

Linux + Haskell + Emacs = Fire
Filip Skokan panva
Identity, OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0, SSO, Authorization, Authentication

Czech Republic

Hendrik Schwalm hschwalm

Bender GmbH & Co. KG Schwalmstadt, Germany

Rachel Morrell Rachelmorrell

Black money Savannah Ga

Francesco Soncina phra
OSCE // OSCP // Ethical Hacker & Red Teamer @ABNAMRO // Full Stack Developer // JavaScript Enthusiast // Staff Member of @BolognaJS // CTF player at @d0nkeys

@d0nkeys @BolognaJS Amsterdam, NL

VB helios1989

helios MANILA

I love writing (and contributing to) free open source software. I also love Linux, hardware-hacking and diy electronics.
Bunlong VAN Bunlong
Full Stack Software Engineer™ Math / Algorithms Enthusiast™ Creator of @reactpatterns @react-papaparse @createnextapp @create-next-app

@reactjs ❤ Japan ❤

Daniel Li d4nyll
DevOps Engineer. Fullstack Developer. Author of Building Enterprise JavaScript Applications (
Anthony Nandaa profnandaa
software craftsman · CS · mentor · engineering lead · <*))))><

Nairobi, Kenya

Benedikt Meurer bmeurer
@ChromeDevTools Tech Lead at Google.

@Google Munich

Danilo Sampaio danilosampaio

Capgemini Brasil

Mubassir Hayat mubassirhayat
Works and Volunteers at @codeforpakistan, Full-Stack Dev

Code for Pakistan Islamabad, Pakistan

Nicola Del Gobbo NickNaso
I'm very passionate in developing web & mobile application. My real happiness consist in resolve very difficult problem with simplicity.
Robert Landreaux robertlandreaux

@Flowspace-Team Cincinnati, Ohiio

Weijia Wen lewenweijia
🍘 404 bio not found


Fouzeddin fouzelddin

STS Payone Amman , Jordan

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