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-- Welcome to Kabin! (alpha warning!)--
This is a simple JSON file database for nodejs.
The console (examples/prompt.js) has already connected to the sample database.
Connect to a directory at path var db = new kabin.JSON({path: 'data'});
Create a new record with db.insert('e', {x: 10, y: 20})
Read data from a record with db.e.x => 10
Write data to a record with d.e = {x: 1, y: 2}
db.migrate() -> migrate to latest version. db.version is the current version.
db.migrate({version: x}) -> migrate to version x. up or down depending on current version.
Put a model in db/models. See Recipe.js for an example:
init: function (data) { = data;
if(! { = 0; }
getIngredients: function () {
onSave: function () { += 1;
A model must have the onSave function which defines what json-data it saves.
A JSON file with the field type, will check if such a model exists, and then create it.
See for an example of a Recipe class instance.
Will probably make the saving more logical.
Currently to save changes to you need to write =