• May 18, 2012


    Merge branch 'development'
  • Feb 5, 2012
  • Oct 5, 2011


    libgit2 v0.15.0 "Das Wunderbar Release"
    I am aware the codename is not gramatically correct in any language.
    Check the COPYING file for the detailed terms on libgit2's license. Check
    the AUTHORS file for the full list of guilty parties.
    As we slowly stabilize the API, we've dropped 1 function from the library,
    and changed the signature of only 5 of them. There's of course a good
    chunk of new functionality, and a thousand bug fixes.
    In this release of libgit2:
    	- Changed `git_blob_rawsize`: Now returns `size_t` instead of int, allowing
    	files >4GB in 64 bit systems.
    	- Removed `git_commit_message_short`: Please use `git_commit_message`
    	to get the full message and decide which is the "short view" according
    	to your needs (first line, first 80 chars...)
    	- Added `git_commit_message_encoding`: Returns the encoding field of a commit
    	message, if it exists.
    	- Changed `git_commit_create`, `git_commit_create_v`: New argument `encoding`, which
    	adds a encoding field to the generated commit object.
    	- Added `git_config_find_system`: Returns the path to the system's global config
    	file (according to the Core Git standards).
    	- Changed `git_config_get_XX`, `git_config_set_XX`: the `long` and `int` types have
    	been replaced by `int64` and `int32` respectively, to make their meaning more
    	- Added `git_indexer`: An interface to index Git Packfiles has been added in the
    	`git2/indexer.h` header.
    	- Changed `git_reflog_entry_XX`: Reflog entries are now returned as `git_oid *` objects
    	instead of hexadecimal OIDs.
    	- Added `git_remote`: More fetch functionality has been added to the `git2/remote.h`
    	functionality. Local, Smart HTTP and Git protocols are now supported.
    	- Added `git_repository_head`: Returns the HEAD of the repository.
    	- Added `git_repository_config_autoload`: Opens the configuration file of a repository,
    	including the user's and the system's global config files, if they can be found.
    	- Changed `git_signature_now`: Now returns an error code; the signature is stored by
  • Jul 14, 2011


    libgit2 v0.14.0, "watermelon wheat"
    This a very packed minor release. The usual guilty parties have been
    working harder than usual during the holidays -- thanks to everyone
    As always, the updated API docs can be found at:
    	- New OS abstraction layer. This should make all POSIX calls much
    	more reliable under Windows.
    	- Much faster writes of simple objects (commits, tags, trees) to the
    	ODB via in-memory buffering and direct writes, instead of streaming.
    	- Unified & simplified API for object creation. All the `create`
    	methods now take Objects instead of OIDs to ensure that corrupted
    	(dangling) objects cannot be created on the repository.
    	- Fully Git-compilant reference renaming (finally!), with
    	the already existing `git_reference_rename`.
    	- Deletion of config keys with `git_config_delete`
    	- Greatly improved index performance when adding new entries
    	- Reflog support with the `git_reflog` API
    	- Remotes support with the `git_remote` API
    	- First parts of the Networking API, including refspecs and
    	the transport abstraction layer. (Note that there are no actual
    	transports implemented yet)
    	- Status support with the `git_status_foreach` and `git_status_file`
    	- Tons of bugfixes, including the outstanding bug #127 (wrong sort
    	ordering when querying tree entries).
    	- The reference renaming code leaks memory. This is being worked on
    	as part of a reference handling overhaul.
    	- The tree-from-index builder has abysmal performance because it
    	doesn't handle the Treecache extension yet. This is also being
    	worked on.
    	- removed, * modified, + added
    	- git_commit_create_o
    	- git_commit_create_ov
    	- git_reference_create_oid_f
    	- git_reference_create_symbolic_f
    	- git_reference_rename_f
    	- git_tag_create_f
    	- git_tag_create_fo
    	- git_tag_create_o
    	* git_commit_create
    	* git_commit_create_v
    	* git_config_foreach
    	* git_reference_create_oid
    	* git_reference_create_symbolic
    	* git_reference_rename
    	* git_tag_create
    	* git_tag_create_frombuffer
    	+ git_clearerror
    	+ git_config_delete
    	+ git_index_uniq
    	+ git_odb_hashfile
    	+ git_oid_fromstrn
    	+ git_reflog_entry_byindex
    	+ git_reflog_entry_committer
    	+ git_reflog_entry_msg
    	+ git_reflog_entry_oidnew
    	+ git_reflog_entry_oidold
    	+ git_reflog_entrycount
    	+ git_reflog_free
    	+ git_reflog_read
    	+ git_reflog_write
    	+ git_refspec_src_match
    	+ git_refspec_transform
    	+ git_remote_connect
    	+ git_remote_fetchspec
    	+ git_remote_free
    	+ git_remote_get
    	+ git_remote_ls
    	+ git_remote_name
    	+ git_remote_url
    	+ git_repository_head_detached
    	+ git_repository_head_orphan
    	+ git_status_file
    	+ git_status_foreach
    	+ git_tag_create_lightweight
    	+ git_tag_list_match
    	+ git_transport_new
  • Jun 19, 2011


    libgit2 v0.13.0 "Watermelon Wheat"
    On this rascalicious minor release of libgit2:
    - We've dropped support for Waf. All the build process is now managed
    through CMake for all platforms.
    - We've removed the custom backends from the repository. You can now
    find a collection of Custom backends on their own repo, under the
    libgit2 org. Including MySQL and Memcache backends, courtesy of the
    beardful Brian Lopez.
    - We are rocking a new documentation system, Docurium, courtesy of the
    insightful Scott Chacon. Check out the details for each single method
    in our external API and the way they've evolved through the history
    of the library:
    This will certainly come in handy if you are developing bindings for
    the library.
    - You can now check the linked version of the library from your
    application or bindings, using `git_libgit2_version`.
    - We have a gazillion new features, courtesy of our invaluable
    collaborators, including:
    	* Support for Config files!
    	* Support for prefix-only reads on the ODB
    	* Repository discovery
    	* Support for the Unmerged Entries index extension
    	* Better Windows support
    	* 30.000 bug fixes (actual number may be lower)
    Thanks as always to everyone who makes this project possible.
    Here's the full list of all external API changes:
    - git_index_open_bare
    - git_index_open_inrepo
    - git_odb_backend_sqlite
    - git_oid_mkraw
    - git_oid_mkstr
    - git_reference_listcb
    - git_repository_workdir
    = git_index_get
    = git_repository_path
    = git_tree_entry_byindex
    + git_blob_lookup_prefix
    + git_commit_lookup_prefix
    + git_config_add_file
    + git_config_add_file_ondisk
    + git_config_file__ondisk
    + git_config_find_global
    + git_config_foreach
    + git_config_free
    + git_config_get_bool
    + git_config_get_int
    + git_config_get_long
    + git_config_get_string
    + git_config_new
    + git_config_open_global
    + git_config_open_ondisk
    + git_config_set_bool
    + git_config_set_int
    + git_config_set_long
    + git_config_set_string
    + git_index_entry_stage
    + git_index_entrycount_unmerged
    + git_index_get_unmerged_byindex
    + git_index_get_unmerged_bypath
    + git_index_open
    + git_object_lookup_prefix
    + git_odb_read_prefix
    + git_oid_fromraw
    + git_oid_fromstr
    + git_oid_ncmp
    + git_reference_foreach
    + git_repository_config
    + git_repository_discover
    + git_repository_is_bare
    + git_tag_lookup_prefix
    + git_tree_entry_type
    + git_tree_lookup_prefix
  • May 10, 2011


    libgit2 v0.12.0 "absolutely no reason"
    Hey, welcome to yet another minor libgit2 release. Sorry for the delay from
    the last one. As you'll see the changelog is quite extensive -- hopefully from
    now on we'll stick to more frequent minor releases.
    Together with the usual bugfixes, here's a list of the new key features:
    * Distfiles
    	This version comes with proper distfiles as requested in #131. These are
    	available in the Downloads section of the GitHub project.
    * Error handling
    	A new error handling API has been implemented that allows the library to
    	return detailed error messages together with the generic error codes. We
    	hope this will be a great when wrapping and integrating the library
    	New external method to get the last detailed error message:
    		+ git_lasterror(void)
    	The old `git_strerror` still exists, but will be deprecated in the future
    	as soon as every method in the library returns a valid error message.
    	The task of writing error messages for every method is quite daunting.
    	We appreciate pull requests with more error messages. Check the new error
    	handling documentation in the following commit:
    * Redis backend
    	We now have a Redis backend courtesy of Dmitry Kovega. Just like the
    	SQLite backend, this allows the library to store Git objects in a Redis
    	key-value store.
    	The backend requires the `hiredis` library. Use `--with-redis` when
    	building libgit2 to enable building the backend if `hiredis` is available.
    * Commits
    	New methods to access tree and parent data as a raw OID value
    	instead of forcing a repository lookup
    		+ git_commit_tree_oid(git_commit *commit)
    		+ git_commit_parent_oid(git_commit *commit, unsigned int n)
    * Index
    	The `git_index_add` method has been split into 4 different calls
    	which allow for appending and replacing in-memory entries and on-disk
    	files to the index.
    		+ git_index_add(git_index *index, const char *path, int stage)
    		+ git_index_add2(git_index *index, const git_index_entry *source_entry)
    		+ git_index_append(git_index *index, const char *path, int stage)
    		+ git_index_append2(git_index *index, const git_index_entry *source_entry)
    	Index entries can now also be efficiently removed from the index:
    		+ git_index_remove(git_index *index, int position)
    * References
    	Methods to force the creation and renaming of references, even if those already
    	exist on the repository.
    		+ git_reference_create_symbolic_f(git_reference **ref_out, git_repository *repo,
    				const char *name, const char *target)
    		+ git_reference_create_oid_f(git_reference **ref_out, git_repository *repo,
    				const char *name, const git_oid *id)
    		+ git_reference_rename_f(git_reference *ref, const char *new_name)
    * Repository
    	New auxiliary methods with repository information
    		+ git_repository_is_empty(git_repository *repo)
    		+ git_repository_path(git_repository *repo)
    		+ git_repository_workdir(git_repository *repo)
    * Signatures
    	New method to create a signature with the current date/time
    		+ git_signature_now(const char *name, const char *email)
    * Tags
    	Several wrappers to automate tag creation.
    		+ git_tag_create_frombuffer(git_oid *oid, git_repository *repo,
    				const char *buffer)
    		+ git_tag_create_f(git_oid *oid, git_repository *repo,
    				const char *tag_name, const git_oid *target,
    				git_otype target_type, const git_signature *tagger,
    				const char *message);
    		+ git_tag_create_fo(git_oid *oid, git_repository *repo,
    				const char *tag_name, const git_object *target,
    				const git_signature *tagger, const char *message)
    	New functionality to delete and list tags in a repository without
    	having to resort to the `references` API.
    		+ git_tag_delete(git_repository *repo, const char *tag_name)
    		+ git_tag_list(git_strarray *tag_names, git_repository *repo)
    * Trees
    	All instances of `git_tree_entry` are now returned and handled
    	as constant, to remind the user that these opaque types are not
    	supposed to be manually free'd.
    	The `git_tree_entry_2object` method now takes a `git_repository`
    	argument which defines in which repository the resolved object
    	should be looked up. (It is expected to be the same repository
    	that contains the parent `git_tree` for the entry).
    		+ git_tree_entry_2object(git_object **object_out, git_repository *repo,
    				const git_tree_entry *entry)
    	New opaque type `git_treebuilder` with functionality to create and
    	write trees on memory
    		+ git_treebuilder_create(git_treebuilder **builder_p, const git_tree *source)
    		+ git_treebuilder_clear(git_treebuilder *bld)
    		+ git_treebuilder_free(git_treebuilder *bld)
    		+ git_treebuilder_get(git_treebuilder *bld, const char *filename)
    		+ git_treebuilder_insert(git_tree_entry **entry_out, git_treebuilder *bld,
    				const char *filename, const git_oid *id, unsigned int attributes)
    		+ git_treebuilder_remove(git_treebuilder *bld, const char *filename)
    		+ git_treebuilder_filter(git_treebuilder *bld,
    				int (*filter)(const git_tree_entry *, void *), void *payload)
    		+ git_treebuilder_write(git_oid *oid, git_repository *repo, git_treebuilder *bld)
    	New method to write an index file as a tree to the ODB.
    		+ git_tree_create_fromindex(git_oid *oid, git_index *index)
    Thanks to the usual guility parties that make this this happen, to
    all the new contributors who are starting to submit pull requests, and
    to the bindings developers who have to keep up with our shit.
    Feedback and questions welcome on libgit2@librelist.org
    Signed-off-by: Vicent Marti <tanoku@gmail.com>
  • Mar 28, 2011


    libgit2 version 0.11.0, "McSwifty"
    Apologies for the massive changes in the external API (that's my fault),
    and for the terrible codename for this release (that's @tclem's fault).
    The detailed overview for the major API changes can be found in the
    commit at 72a3fe4.
    Major new features in this release:
    	- Real caching and refcounting on parsed objects
    	- Real caching and refcounting on objects read from the ODB
    	- Streaming writes & reads from the ODB
    	- Single-method writes for all object types
    	- The external API is now partially thread-safe
    	- Improved reference handling
    	- New method to list references
    	- ZLib is now built-in
    	- Improvements to the Revision Walker
    	- Tons of bug fixes
    Thanks to all the contributors who make this possible.
    Signed-off-by: Vicent Marti <tanoku@gmail.com>
  • Mar 14, 2011


    libgit2 version 0.10.0, "very disco"
    A version *so* awesome that needs 2 version bumps AND a codename.
    Major features:
    	- New internal garbage collection (harder)
    	- Pack backend rewritten from scratch (better)
    	- Revision walker rewritten from scratch (faster)
    	- New object interdependency system (stronger)
    	- Unique OID shortener
    	- Reference listing
    In honor of one heck of a music album, released ten years ago,
  • Mar 3, 2011


    Bump the version number to 0.8.0
    Yes, these are some seriously massive changes to the external API. We
    are breaking stuff.
    Signed-off-by: Vicent Marti <tanoku@gmail.com>
  • Feb 7, 2011


    Add proper version management
    We now have proper sonames in Mac OS X and Linux, proper versioning on
    the pkg-config file and proper DLL naming in Windows.
    The version of the library is defined exclusively in 'src/git2.h'; the build scripts
    read it from there automatically.
    Signed-off-by: Vicent Marti <tanoku@gmail.com>