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codahale committed Jul 5, 2011
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-v2.0.0-BETA14: TBD
+v2.0.0-BETA14: Jul 05 2011
* Moved to Maven for a build system and extracted the Scala façade to a
`metrics-scala` module which is now the only cross-built module. All other
modules dropped the Scala version suffix in their `artifactId`s.
+* Fixed non-heap metric name in `GraphiteReporter`.
+* Fixed stability error in `GraphiteReporter` when dealing with unavilable
+ servers.
+* Fixed error with anonymous, instrumented classes.
+* Fixed error in `MetricsServlet` when a gauge throws an exception.
+* Fixed error with bogus GC run times.
+* Link to the pretty JSON output from the `MetricsServlet` menu page.
+* Fixed potential race condition in histograms' variance calculations.
+* Fixed memory pool reporting for the G1 collector.
v2.0.0-BETA13: May 13 2011

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