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Capturing JVM- and application-level metrics. So you know what's going on.

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Capturing and exposing application metrics via JMX. For funsies.


  • Java SE 6
  • Scala 2.8.0

How To Use

First, specify Metrics as a dependency:

val codaRepo = "Coda Hale's Repository" at ""
val metrics = "com.yammer" %% "metrics" % "1.0.7" withSources()

(Or whatever it takes for you to get Maven or Ivy happy.)

Second, instrument your classes:

import com.yammer.metrics.{Counter, Meter, Timer}

class ThingFinder {
  private val resultsMeter = new Meter
  private val dbTimer = new Timer

  def findThings() = {
    val results = dbTimer.time {
      // perform an action which gets timed

    // calculate the rate of new things found

    // etc.

Timer calculates the count, maximum, minimum, mean, standard deviation, median, 95th percentile, 98th percentile, 99th percentile, and 99.9th percentile of timings. It does so using a method called reservoir sampling which allows it to efficiently keep a small, statistically representative sample of all the measurements.

(You also might like LoadMeter, a meter class which provides 1-minute, 5-minute, and 15-minute moving weighted averages, much like the load values in top. It's generally a more useful metric than Meter's averaged rate.)

Third, expose these metrics via JMX:

import java.util.concurrent.TimeUnit
import com.yammer.jmx.JmxManaged

class ThingFinder extends JmxManaged {
  private val resultsMeter = new Meter
  private val dbTimer = new Timer

  enableJMX("our thing processor") { jmx =>
    // exposes the total count of results, plus the results/sec rate
    jmx.addMeter("results", resultsMeter, TimeUnit.SECONDS)

    // exposes the count, max, min, mean, stddev, median, 95th, 98th, 99th,
    // and 99.9th percentile of query timings in milliseconds
    jmx.addTimer("database-query", dbTimer, TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS)

  def findThings() = {
    // etc.


Copyright (c) 2010 Coda Hale,

Published under The MIT License, see LICENSE

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