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This is the source for the base project for the Stage 2 Search For A Star & Sumo Digital Rising Star 2019 games programming challenge.

For full details of the project please see your project brief.


About the project

This project is my own interpretation of the Search for a Star 2019 competition. I tried to stay true to the base project as provided by the Search for a Star staff.

Structure of this repository

At the start of the project, all commits went into the main branch. This was convenient and worked quite well. However, as the project grew and became more complex, it became apparent that the project was in need of a better structure. I should have done this right at the start of the project...


The project uses three "main" branches:

  • Master: contains the latest stable releases, does not update frequently.
  • Development: works most of the time and is updated at the end of each sprint.
  • Experimental: brand new features are pushed to this branch.

My workflow

  1. Clone the project to my local drive.
  2. Pull latest changes.
  3. Create a branch on the experimental branch named the same as the feature that will be added to the project.
  4. Once the feature works as intended, it is merged into the experimental branch.
  5. At the end of the sprint, the experimental branch is merged into the development branch.
  6. The changes on development are pushed to master as soon as I feel like they drastically changed the experience of the player.

Third-party resources

Massive thanks to the people that put free-to-use assets online! I could not have done this project without your amazing work!

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