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Startpage theme for hugo


Create data/links.yml in your site directory

This file takes the following format:

- name: Some card title
  colour: blue # (a valid mdl color name)
  sections: # A section
  - links:
    - title: Google
    - title: Bing
  - links:
    - title: Hacker News
    - title: Reddit r/devops
  - links:
    - title: Al Jazeera

Demo Site (partially using the above links.yml)

Offline Use

The theme includes an appcache manifest for offline use / quick launch.

This is disabled by default, and can be enabled through the site parameters in config.toml:

    offline = true

If offline use is not desired or required, either omit the parameter (it is off by default) or set offline = false.

Usage notes for offline-mode

For changes to your startpage to be applied after a build, this manifest must be modified on each build.

If your site is in a git repo, the suggested way to get this updated is by running the following after each successful build:

CURRENT_REVISION=$(git rev-parse --short HEAD)
sed -i "s/COMMIT_SHA/${CURRENT_REVISION}/" public/startpage.appcache

This will ensure that the manifest will be re-read by the browser, and all content re-cached.

Fixing a prematurely cached site

If the site is cached before you are ready, the following will help:

  1. Add a comment / modify the version string of the generated startpage.appcache (changing one character will work) and reload
  2. Build the site with offline = false and refresh the page
  3. Empty the cache on your browser, using Andy Gup's instructions.


@analbeard - for the inspiration to create the theme and guidance