Food Delivery App using Swift3/Xcode8 & python/django
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Food Delivery App called Foodtasker

Food Delivery App using Swift3/Xcode8 & python/django

A user can sign in as a new restaurant.

A user can create meals and submit order status.

A user can communicate with drivers when order status is cooking, done, ready, out for delivery, and delivered.

A user can view report and see revenue for the week and the most popular meal.




Setting up

Fork the project to your personal account and get a local copy on your machine. Change into the project folder.

$ python runserver

Make sure to create migrations, create tables in db, and create a superuser to have an admin dashboard.

$ python makemigrations (creates migration files based on your models)
$ python migrate (creates the tables in your db based on the migration files)
$ python createsuperuser (creates a superuser for your application in the db)
$ python runserver (run server)

Now you should be able to view your app at and to view your admin dashboard use