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  • Fixed Date parsing for hosts ahead of UTC (thanks to Jasmin Muharemovic)


  • Added error code for invalid purchase order number


  • Added error message for merchant accounts that do not support refunds


  • Added ability to retrieve all Plans, Addons, and Discounts
  • Added Transaction cloning


  • Added SettlementBatchSummary


  • Added Subscription to Transaction
  • Added flag to store in vault only when a transaction is successful
  • Added new error code


  • Added a new transaction state, AUTHORIZATION_EXPIRED.
  • Enabled searching by AuthorizationExpiredAt.


  • Added NextBillingDate and TransactionId to subscription search
  • Added AddressCountryName to customer search
  • Added new error codes


  • Added Customer search
  • Added dynamic descriptors to Subscriptions and Transactions
  • Added level 2 fields to Transactions:
    • TaxAmount
    • TaxExempt
    • PurchaseOrderNumber


  • Added BillingAddressId to CreditCardRequest
  • Allow searching on Subscriptions that are currently in a trial period using InTrialPeriod


  • Added support for non-US cultures. Decimal values are now correctly formatted for the gateway and parsed for the client.


  • Added ability to perform multiple partial refunds on Transactions
  • Added RevertSubscriptionOnProrationFailure flag to Subscription update that specifies how a Subscription should react to a failed proration charge
  • Deprecated Transaction RefundId in favor of RefundIds
  • Deprecated Subscription NextBillAmount in favor of NextBillingPeriodAmount
  • Added new properties to Subscription:
    • Balance
    • PaidThroughDate
    • NextBillingPeriodAmount


  • Added AddOns/Discounts
  • Enhanced Subscription search
  • Enhanced Transaction search
  • Made gateway operations threadsafe when using multiple configurations
  • Added VerificationStatus Enumeration
  • Added EXPIRED and PENDING statuses to Subscription
  • Allowed ProrateCharges to be specified on Subscription update
  • Added AddOn/Discount details to Transactions that were created from a Subscription
  • All Braintree Exceptions now inherit from BraintreeException superclass
  • Added new properties to Subscription:
    • BillingDayOfMonth
    • DaysPastDue
    • FirstBillingDate
    • NeverExpires
    • NumberOfBillingCycles


  • Updated the Environment class to lazily use environment variables -- this enables use when access to environment variables is restricted


  • Added ability to specify Country using CountryName, CountryCodeAlpha2, CountryCodeAlpha3, or CountryCodeNumeric
  • Added GatewayRejectionReason to Transaction and Verification
  • Added Message to Result
  • Added BuildTrData method to TransparentRedirectGateway


  • Added unified TransparentRedirect url and confirm methods and deprecated old methods
  • Renamed CreditCard.Default to IsDefault
  • Added methods to CreditCardGateway to allow searching on expiring and expired credit cards
  • Added ability to update a customer, credit card, and billing address in one request
  • Allow updating the payment method token on a subscription
  • Added methods to navigate between a Transaction and its refund (in both directions)


  • Return AvsErrorResponseCode, AvsPostalCodeResponseCode, AvsStreetAddressResponseCode, CurrencyIsoCode, CvvResponseCode with Transaction
  • Return CreatedAt, UpdatedAt with Address
  • Allow verification against a specified merchant account when creating or updating a CreditCard
  • Return SubscriptionId with Transaction


  • Prevent race condition when pulling back collection results -- search results represent the state of the data at the time the query was run
  • Rename ResourceCollection's ApproximateCount to MaximumCount because items that no longer match the query will not be returned in the result set
  • Correctly handle HTTP error 426 (Upgrade Required) -- the error code is returned when your client library version is no longer compatible with the gateway
  • Properly handle Transaction Options in TR Data


  • Added transaction advanced search
  • Added ability to partially refund transactions
  • Added ability to manually retry past-due subscriptions
  • Added new transaction error codes
  • Allow merchant account to be specified when creating transactions
  • Allow creating a transaction with a vault customer and new credit card
  • Allow existing billing address to be updated when updating credit card
  • Backwards incomaptible change: CreditCardRequest.BillingAddress has changed from type AddressRequest to CreditCardAddressRequest


  • Updated IsSuccess() on transaction results to return false on declined transactions
  • Search results now implement IEnumerable and will automatically paginate data


  • Escape all XML
  • Updated quick start example in README


  • Added subscription search
  • Return associated subscriptions when finding credit cards
  • Added option to change default credit card for a customer
  • Added an All method to ValidationErrors to return List of all errors at that level
  • Added a DeepAll method to ValidationErrors to return List of all errors at that level and all errors below
  • Renamed DeepSize() to DeepCount
  • Added ProcessorAuthorizationCode to Transaction
  • Allow setting MerchantAccountId when creating or updating subscriptions
  • Updated ForObject to return an empty ValidationErrors object instead of null if there are no errors
  • Raise down for maintenance exception instead of forged query string when down for maintenance
  • Fixed bug in TotalPages if there are zero total items
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