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A tiny storage layer. (v0.4) Serious Python Programmers™ with Enterprise Requirements need not apply.
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A tiny storage layer.

Why another storage layer?

I wanted one that was small (both in terms of a single file and in actual kloc), tested and could handle multiple data stores. And because it was fun.


bitty supports the usual CRUD methods. For example::

from bitty import *

bit = Bitty('sqlite:///home/code/my_database.db')

bit.add('people', name='Claris', says='Moof!', age=37)
bit.add('people', name='John Doe', says='No comment.', age=37)

# Select all.
for row in bit.find('people'):
    print row['name']


See examples/ and for more usages.

Supported Backends

  • SQLite
  • Postgres
  • MySQL


You're responsible for your own schema. bitty does the smallest amount of introspection it can to get by.

When to use bitty?

bitty is best used in environments like resource-based APIs and when integrating with other software (like a bigger web framework).

Tastes great when used with itty.

Serious Python Programmers™ with Enterprise Requirements need not apply.

author: Daniel Lindsley

date: 2010-01-20

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