A personal budgeting application for use with Django.
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django-budget is a simple budgeting application for use with Django. It is designed to manage personal finances. We used it to replace a complicated Excel spreadsheet that didn't retain all the details we wanted.

It was implemented in Django based on familiarity, quick time to implement and the premise that it could be accessible everywhere. In practice, we run this locally (NOT on a publicly accessible website).

A Note About Security

It is recommended that anyone using this application add further security by either protecting the whole app with HTTP Auth, wrap the views with the login_required decorator, run it on a local machine or implement similar protections. This application is for your use and makes no assumptions about how viewable the data is to other people.


django-budget requires:

  • Python 2.3+
  • Django 1.0+


  • Either copy/symlink the budget app into your project or place it somewhere on your PYTHONPATH.
  • Add the budget.categories, budget.transactions and budget apps to your INSTALLED_APPS.
  • Run ./manage.py syncdb.
  • Add (r'^budget/', include('budgetproject.budget.urls')), to your urls.py.

About The Templates/Media

The templates provided are for reference only and ARE NOT SUPPORTED! Please do not submit bugs or feature requests for them. You will likely have to create your own templates or at least heavily modify these templates to adapt them to your own uses. Everything within the templates is either original or MIT licensed.