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-django-budget: A simple personal finance application.
+django-budget: A simple personal budgeting application.
```django-budget``` is a simple budgeting application for use with Django. It
is designed to manage personal finances. We used it to replace a complicated
-Excel spreadsheet that didn't retail all the details we wanted.
+Excel spreadsheet that didn't retain all the details we wanted.
+It was implemented in Django based on familiarity, quick time to implement
+and the premise that it could be accessible everywhere. In practice, we run
+this locally (NOT on a publicly accessible website).
+A Note About Security
+It is recommended that anyone using this application add further security by
+either protecting the whole app with HTTP Auth, wrap the views with the
+```login-required``` decorator, run it on a local machine or implement similar
+protections. This application is for your use and makes no assumptions about
+how viewable the data is to other people.
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