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A simple RSVP app.
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Updated for Django 1.6 compatibility


django-rsvp: A simple RSVP app.

django-rsvp is a simple RSVP application for use with Django. The intent is to be able to basic events, send guests invite e-mails and collect their response if they will be attending or not.


django-rsvp requires:

  • Python 2.3+
  • Django 1.0+

The only potential dependency within Django is that django.contrib.sites is in INSTALLED_APPS in order to make the included e-mail template work.


  1. Either copy/symlink the rsvp app into your project or place it somewhere on your PYTHONPATH.
  2. Add rvsp app to your INSTALLED_APPS.
  3. Set the RSVP_FROM_EMAIL setting to an e-mail address you'd like invites to be sent from.
  4. Run ./ syncdb.
  5. Add (r'^rsvp/', include('rsvp.urls')), to your
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