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A better (for me) RSS aggregator. Collects numerous RSS feeds and displays entries in chronological order. Similar to the "planet" concept.

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A better (for me) RSS/Atom aggregator.

Author: Daniel Lindsley <>

License: MIT

Last Updated: 2008/03/30

Version: 0.2


  • A decent version of Ruby.
  • Rails 2.0+
  • Hpricot
  • open-uri
  • Balls of steel and an iron will.


  1. Grab the code.
  2. Copy the ‘config/database.yml.dist’ to ‘config/database.yml’. Reconfigure as necessary.
  3. Copy the ‘config/initializers/feedme.rb.dist’ to ‘config/initializers/feedme.rb’.
    1. Due to my cough wonderfully advanced and secure login setup, add users to the ‘VALID_USERS’ hash in ‘config/initializers/feedme.rb’.
  4. Fire up the server.
  5. Go to ‘’ and enter your details.
  6. Add RSS feeds to the admin.
  7. Run (preferably via cron) ‘rake feedme:pull_feeds’.
  8. Hit up ‘’ and enjoy.
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