An event-driven particle simulator and visualisation code. Please see the website below for more information.
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DynamO:- A general event-driven particle simulator. Please see the website below for more information.


Please see tutorial 1 on the DynamO website for a full description on how to compile DynamO. A quick summary is

 mkdir build-dir
 cd build-dir
 cmake ../
 sudo make install

Please pay attention to the output of the cmake and make commands, as this scans for required dependencies and will warn you if it is unable to build DynamO!


All of the documentation is available on-line here,


All of the source code is inside the src/ directory. For more information on the source code please see the src/README file. Also take a look at the doxygen documentation (next section of this README).


You can run a large range of tests and test systems by running

 make test


Please check the website and documentation if you're having any trouble. If these don't answer your questions, just email If you want to get involved, email support to let us know about it and submit patches using github.


Everything in DynamO is licensed GPL3 unless otherwise marked. Please see LICENSE.txt for details of this license.