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customized versions of ledfyr's "ab-midiout-project"
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Customized versions of ledfyr's "ab-midiout-lite" project

These sketches are based on ledfyr's ab-midiout-lite Which is based on Trash80's Arduinoboy project

The MIDI Thru code was taken from Send MIDI IN to MIDI OUT (THRU) by P.J. Drongowski

Some changes apply to all versions:

  • MIDI THRU added
  • Manual transport Start/Stop messages have been added:
    • Y6E = Start
    • Y6F = Stop
    • Note: This eats up the last 2 possible Program Change values, 110 and 111

Version-specific changes:


  • Stock MIDI channels
  • Stock transport Start/Stop
  • Stock special commands


  • Automatic transport Start/Stop messages have been removed
  • All LSDJ channels are set to MIDI Channel 0
  • Using X6y to change MIDI channels is disabled
  • All special commands are moved up on number, e.g.
    • X0y = MIDI CC 1 (scaled)
    • X1y = MIDI CC 2 (scaled)
    • X2y = MIDI CC 3 (scaled)
    • X3y = MIDI CC 7 (scaled)
    • X4y = Velocity (scaled)
    • X5y = Set Tempo/Tap Tempo
    • X6y = Chords
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