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Toast++: Forward and inverse modelling in optical tomography
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Toast++ - Image Reconstruction in Optical Tomography

2008-2016 (c) Martin Schweiger and Simon Arridge, University College London

Toast++ is an open-source software suite for image reconstruction in optical tomography. It is developed by Martin Schweiger and Simon Arridge at University College London.

The TOAST suite is available for download online at

Please check the TOAST web site regularly for updates.

Toast++ is distributed with a GPL v3 license. Please see file COPYING for details.

Downloading Toast++

Pre-compiled binaries for several computer platforms are hosted on GitHub:

You will need to download two zip files:

  • The "Common" package containing device-independent scripts and examples
  • One of the platform-dependent packages for Windows, Linux or Mac-OS.

Installing precompiled Toast++ packages

If you are using the pre-compiled packages, just unzip both packages into the same directory. You should end up with a single "toast" root directory.

Note that some unzip utilities, in particular on Windows, store the zip contents under a directory named after the zip file, e.g. -> toast_v2.0.0_common/

In that case, you will end up with two separate directories, and must merge the two toast subdirectories from both manually.

Preparing the Toast++ environment

(Required for both precompiled and compiled installations)

On Linux, type from the terminal prompt:

cd <toast root dir>

This step can be skipped for Windows and OS X installations.

To set the Toast++ paths for the Matlab toolbox, type from the Matlab prompt:

cd <toast root dir>

Save the paths to make them permanent.

Getting started:

After setting up the TOAST toolbox, you can start by running the included demos. In Matlab, type


Follow the link to the Toast++ Toolbox documentation under "Supplemental Software". This will bring up the main help page of the Toast++ toolbox. Here you find links to the Toast demos (under "Live examples") and tutorial scripts (under "Script tutorials"). It also contains a brief introduction to DOT and links to the Toast++ homepage.

To view a list of the available commands in the Toolbox, type

doc toast2 (lists the core classes and functions)
doc utilities (lists auxiliary functions)
doc gui (lists a few sample applications with user interface)

For troubleshooting, please refer to the TOAST Frequently Asked Question page and the message board, accessible from the TOAST home page. If you cannot resolve a problem, you can contact the authors via the Contacts page.

Building from source

The Toast++ sources are available from GitHub: (

To clone the current development version:

git clone

Follow the instructions under doc/install to build.

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