How to migrate DB schema to 0.8+

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If you were using version 0.7 and want to use 0.8, you'll need to migrate your DB schema. It's easy to do it. Just follow the instructions bellow.

  1. Sync your DB:
$ ./ syncdb
  1. Fake migrate to 0001 and migrate to the lastest migration:
$ ./ migrate codespeed 0001 --fake
$ ./ migrate codespeed
  1. For each project, you need to create a trunk branch (a trunk branch is a Branch with name='default'). You can do that by running the script, manually in the shell or using the admin page. A Branch has two fiels: the name (CharField) and project (ForeignKey referencing a Project).
  2. Run the script It will associate each Revision to the related trunk branch.

Now you can use Codespeed 0.8.