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There are a number of features or changes that should be in a Codespeed 1.0 release.
Depending on the pace of development, we can release a 0.8 or go straight for 1.0.

Improving and finishing current features

  • Complete version control integration for all backends
    • Move all backends to a plugins subdirectory?
    • link should “link” the commitid
    • Chris (acdha) has proposed to evaluate reusing readthedocs VCS implementation
  • Either fix jqPlot bugs, upgrade to 1.0/2.0 (if/when they come out) or change plotting library. dygraphs looks like a good option for time series.
  • Support multiple projects better (Issue #16). It currently works but it is not optimal:
    • All views: display executables in a per-project tree similar to comparison/benchmarks
    • Timeline: display grid on a per-project basis (only one at a time?)
    • Reports: add project column if more than one tracked project exists
  • Performance: Integrate/refactor the second part of exarkun’s “Faster database” patch. See issue #13
  • Nicer tooltips and in general improve the CSS design

New Features

  • Implement bitbucket backend
  • Authentication for result saving. Chris proposed just using a submission key
  • Advanced revision selection for the Changes view (autocomplete/selectbox field from jQuery UI?)
  • Timeline
    • Show standard deviation and/or min/max values in the plots
    • Allow for all environments to be displayed on the same plot
    • Allow for several benchmarks to be displayed on the same plot
    • Displaying of failed runs (implemented by Stefan, pending review and merge)
    • Add “totals” plot
  • Deployment
    • PyPI
    • fabric script
    • Chef recipe
  • Integration with continuous integration systems like buildbot or Hudson?
  • Better documentation, examples and screenshots
  • A public website!
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