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LittleChef Changelog
Version 1.2.1 June 14, 2012
Bugs fixed:
* jmalonzo updated the url for the EPEL repo
* #94: Use ssh-config credentials for the "ssh" command
* #95: role and recipe commands should skip "dummy" nodes
* Some improvemts to knife error messages
Version 1.2.0 April 4, 2012
New features
* #82: kitchen sync now works on OSX
* chef-solo-search upstream version upgrade: now search works from cookbook libraries
* Configuration runs will ignore nodes with 'dummy=true'
Bugs fixed:
* drhevans expanded recipe lookup so that recipes can be used even when they are
not in metadata.json
* #78: fix paramiko module import: the ssh module is now required instead
* markbirbeck fixed case in where log dir was not yet created
Version 1.1.0 January 3, 2012
New features
* #72: Plugin mini-framework. Moved save_ip command to a plugin
* New ssh command
* --verbose option (Chef 0.10.6+). Default is false, and will not show the
"Processing" output any more. Chef Solo will only log what has changed
Bugs fixed:
* Fixes paramiko dependency by moving to new fabric's fork "ssh"
* Make "list_nodes_with_recipe" and "list_nodes_with_role" respect the --env option
Also, they now use the expanded run_list
Version 1.0.4 November 14, 2011
New features
* Make "list_nodes" respect the --env option
* Accept --env=ENV in addition to --env ENV
Version 1.0.3 November 11, 2011
New features
* #15 (partly): Automatic metadata.json regeneration from metadata.rb
* #63: cleonte contributed deploy_chef support for CentOS/RHEL v6
* #70: Markus added Chef Solo logs (found on /var/log/chef/solo.log)
* Made debug and env proper command line options instead of fake fabric tasks
Bugs fixed:
* #67: Andrew fixed `get_ips` for OSX by adding a regex to parse IPs
* #66: Remove sensible data from a node after a configuration run
Version 1.0.2 October 11, 2011
* NEW #61: Added the command option "env"
* NEW #60: Don't force to define a password if ssh-config is used
* FIX #62: Cristi fixed rpm installation by using the FrameOS RBEL repository
* FIX: Automatic node data bag created items with the hostname as the name.
That can lead to name collitions. Now FQDN with underscores is used instead
Version 1.0.1 September 28, 2011
* NEW #58: Markus added operation "nodes_with_role", which configures all nodes with
the given role
* FIX #57: Eivind added deploy_chef support for Arch Linux
* FIX: Transform "true" and "false" strings from into real True and False values
happens with default values from metadata.json attributes
Version 1.0.0 September 21, 2011
* NEW #46: Markus implemented node synching using rsync instead of data upload,
substantially speeding up node configuration runs. All cookbooks are now
synchronized, instead of only those needed by the configuration run
* NEW #16: Markus implemented search support for data bags
* NEW #16: Automatically add a "node" data bag, which allows for node search.
It contains everything defined in each nodes/mynode.json file, plus "recipes"
(expanded recipe list), "role" (roles in the run_list),
"roles" (expanded role list), merged attributes (from cookbook, node and roles)
and some Chef automatic attributes
* NEW: Add ipaddress attribute to a node after a configuration run. That way the IP
of that node will be available in the node data bag and thus in the node search
* NEW #53: tow added a patch that allows to override distro detection when installing
Chef Solo
* NEW #55: Markus added a library file that allows to set "chef_environment" in a
role or node attribute
* NEW: Changed "cook" command to "fix", so that we don't collide with the executable
name of an existing package. This was done so that LittleChef can be distro-packaged
* NEW #54: Multi-node execution: a list of nodes to be configured can now be given.
The nodes will be configured preserving order
* NEW: Removed "configure" command. It will be assumed to be the desired action if
no other command is given. Just typing "fix node:X" will configure node X
Version 0.6.5 July 5, 2011
* FIX: list_recipes didn't show cookbooks that were *only* present in site-cookbooks
* FIX: install ucf before the chef Debian package, as it is missing in Debian Squeeze minimal
Version 0.6.4 July 1, 2011
* NEW: Chef 0.10.x is now default for Debian package installation.
That was already the case for the other methods
* FIX: Toby fixed the Debian package installation to run unattended again
* FIX: cook should not require a kitchen to run "cook -v"
Version 0.6.2 June 15, 2011
* FIX: Fixed data_bags_patch.rb not being installed sometimes
* FIX: Initialize env.ssh_config so that credentials doesn't fail
* FIX: Prevent fabric from prepending prefix to output messages
This makes Chef Solo output much easier to read (no double log prefix)
* FIX: Added some contributors to NOTICE
Version 0.6.1 June 9, 2011
* NEW #38: VanL added support for Windows and Mac OS X(desktop side).
All unit tests are now passing on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows
* NEW #37: VanL moved fabfile execution to the same process as the cook exe
* FIX #36, #37: VanL fixed detection of execution mode (cook or library import)
* FIX #39: The recipe and role commands were not creating new node.json files
when none were present
Version 0.6.0 June 3, 2011
* NEW: Added support for data bags thanks to Brian Akins's Chef Solo patch
* NEW: Added option to install Chef 0.10 from debian packages. Not yet default
* NEW: Upgraded to use rubygems 1.7.2 in the gem installation
* NEW: Added support for deploying Chef on debian wheezy (testing)
* NEW: aVenger changed the behaviour of the commands 'recipe' and 'role' so that
they preserve attributes of nodes which already have a configuration file
Version 0.5.5 May 16, 2011
* NEW: tow implemented support for ssh-config
* NEW: split list_nodes into list_nodes and list_nodes_detailed
* OPTIMIZATION: Speed up node syncing by pushing cookbooks and roles in a single zip
* FIX#31: Some debian installs were not able to install wget without updating
the repos first
* FIX#32: If metadata.json defines no recipes, don't abort. Allows the use of empty
cookbooks (libraries for example)
* FIX: Avoid leaving tmp_node.json around when a configuration run aborts
* FIX: Display proper error message when there is an error in a role file
Version 0.5.4 May 2, 2011
* NEW: Renamed new_deployment to new_kitchen
* NEW#13: new_kitchen now creates empty README files in cookbooks, roles
and nodes so that the kitchen is ready to be used as a git repository.
* FIX: Brian Riley fixed failing abort messages because of missing import
* FIX: list_nodes and list_roles_detailed failed because of refactoring
Version 0.5.3 April 28, 2011
* NEW: npinto added Gentoo support
* FIX: npinto fixed a bug where LittleChef could not be installed due to circular
* FIX: Masive code refactoring. littlechef is now a package with several modules
Version 0.5.2 April 20, 2011
* FIX: sirlantis fixed exception when a cookbook was only present in site-cookbooks
* FIX#26: When configuring a node, the /var/chef-solo/cache directory won't be
deleted any more
* OPTIMIZATION: sirlantis improved OSX support by not packing files named ._{filename}
* OPTIMIZATION: .svn directories are no longer packed and uploaded
Version 0.5.1 April 13, 2011
* FIX: pushcx fixed errors when a non directory file was present in cookbooks/
* FIX: pushcx fixed errors when a role doesn't have a description or attributes
Version 0.5.0 March 30, 2011
* NEW: Igal added site-cookbooks support
* NEW: Igal made LittleChef run with the newest fabric. Fabric 1.0+ is now required
* NEW: Special effects: colored output!
* NEW: Nicer displaying of node, roles and cookbook information
* FIX: Igal changed node's chef-solo directory to improve security, together
with other fixes
* FIX: Added first unit tests!
Version 0.4.2 March 10, 2011
* NEW: cocoy added keypair support
* HOTFIX: Require exactly fabric 0.9.3, as fabric 1.0 has been released with
backwards incompatible changes that break LittleChef
Version 0.4.1 January 19, 2011
* NEW: "list_recipes" now shows only a simple name list.
The old, detailed list_recipes has now become "list_recipes_detailed"
* NEW: oldpatricka added support for Scientific Linux in deploy_chef
* NEW: emilsit made gem install much faster by not installing rdoc and ri
* NEW: new_deployment doesn't overwrite auth.cfg if already present
* NEW: Improve node.json and metadata.json error reporting
* FIX: wget is now installed for "apt package" and "rpm gem installation"
* FIX: emilsit refactored new_deployment so that it doesn't use fabric
but directly python instead. Fixes auth.cfg creation for some OSs
Version 0.4.0 December 9, 2010
* NEW: The saved node.json doesn't have any custom littlechef fields anymore
Migration: You need to call your nodes by their DNS hostname or public IP
* FIX: Improvements to error messages when metadata.json is not present in
a cookbook (only metadata.rb)
* FIX: Various improvements to role and node printing
Version 0.3.3 November 29, 2010
* NEW: The saved node.json won't contain littlechef fields anymore if you don't use an IP
* NEW: When configuring all nodes, if node configuration fails abort
* FIX: Importing was failing for one particular case
Version 0.3.2 November 19, 2010
* NEW: Show what cookbooks are being uploaded to a node
* NEW: deploy_chef now accepts two arguments: "gems" and "ask".
They can be set to "yes" or "no". Default is "no" and "yes", respectively.
This allows deploy_chef to run in non-interactive mode when using it from
another Python program.
Version 0.3.1 November 16, 2010
* HOTFIX: fixed a deploy_chef error when calling the gem+rpm installation method
* Some Pylint compliance fixes
Version 0.3.0 November 16, 2010
* NEW: Automatic distro detection for deploy_chef
* NEW: Option to install Chef Solo with gems
* NEW: can now be used as a library
* FIX: CentOS installation
Version 0.2.4 November 4, 2010
* NEW: command "list_roles"
* NEW: show node attributes in list_nodes
* NEW: Indent node configuration files when saving
* FIX: Add JSON syntax error handling
Version 0.2.1, 0.2.2 and 0.2.3, October 29-20, 2010
* FIXED different PyPI installation issues
* Improved README, code comments and error messages
Version 0.2.0, October 28, 2010
* NEW query: cook list_recipes
* OPTIMIZATION: only configured cookbooks and its dependencies are uploaded to nodes
* Output and error checking improvements
* FIX: "subrecipes" are now supported
* FIX: roles now really work
Version 0.1.0, October 27, 2010
* Deployment: deploy_chef installs chef-solo using opscode repository
* Apply a recipe or role to a particular node
* Save recipes, roles and attributes for every node in configuration
files, which can afterwards be edited to override attributes
* Update cookbooks on every node automagically, without the need for repo
* Reconfigure (sync) every node
* Queries: list_nodes, list_nodes_with_recipe, list_nodes_with_role
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