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#Copyright 2010-2012 Miquel Torres <>
#Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
#you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
#You may obtain a copy of the License at
#Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
#distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
#See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
#limitations under the License.
"""Node configuration and syncing
import os
import shutil
import simplejson as json
from fabric.api import *
from fabric.contrib.files import append, exists
from fabric import colors
from fabric.utils import abort
from fabric.contrib.project import rsync_project
from littlechef import lib
from littlechef import solo
from littlechef.settings import node_work_path, cookbook_paths
from littlechef import LOGFILE, enable_logs as ENABLE_LOGS
# Path to local patch
basedir = os.path.abspath(os.path.dirname(__file__).replace('\\', '/'))
def save_config(node, force=False):
"""Saves node configuration
if no nodes/hostname.json exists, or force=True, it creates one
it also saves to tmp_node.json
filepath = os.path.join("nodes", env.host_string + ".json")
tmp_filename = 'tmp_{0}.json'.format(env.host_string)
files_to_create = [tmp_filename]
if not os.path.exists(filepath) or force:
# Only save to nodes/ if there is not already a file
print "Saving node configuration to {0}...".format(filepath)
for node_file in files_to_create:
with open(node_file, 'w') as f:
f.write(json.dumps(node, indent=4))
return tmp_filename
def _get_ipaddress(node):
"""If the node has not the key 'ipaddress' set, get the value with ohai"""
if "ipaddress" not in node:
with settings(hide('stdout'), warn_only=True):
output = sudo('ohai ipaddress')
if output.succeeded:
node['ipaddress'] = json.loads(output)[0]
return True
return False
def sync_node(node):
"""Builds, synchronizes and configures a node.
It also injects the ipaddress to the node's config file if not already
if node.get('dummy'):
lib.print_header("Skipping dummy: {0}".format(
# Get merged attributes
current_node = _build_node_data_bag()
with lib.credentials():
# Always configure Chef Solo
ipaddress = _get_ipaddress(node)
# Everything was configured alright, so save the node configuration
# This is done without credentials, so that we keep the node name used
# by the user and not the hostname or IP translated by .ssh/config
filepath = save_config(node, ipaddress)
with lib.credentials():
# Synchronize the kitchen directory
_synchronize_node(filepath, node)
# Execute Chef Solo
def _synchronize_node(configfile, node):
"""Performs the Synchronize step of a Chef run:
Uploads all cookbooks, all roles and all databags to a node and add the
patch for data bags
Returns the node object of the node which is about to be configured,
or None if this node object cannot be found.
print "Synchronizing node, cookbooks, roles and data bags..."
# First upload node.json
remote_file = '/etc/chef/node.json'
put(configfile, remote_file, use_sudo=True, mode=400)
root_user = "root"
if node.get('platform') in ["freebsd", "mac_os_x"]:
root_user = "wheel"
with hide('stdout'):
sudo('chown root:{0} {1}'.format(root_user, remote_file))
# Remove local temporary node file
# Synchronize kitchen
node_work_path, './cookbooks ./data_bags ./roles ./site-cookbooks',
exclude=('*.svn', '.bzr*', '.git*', '.hg*'),
def build_dct(dic, keys, value):
"""Builds a dictionary with arbitrary depth out of a key list"""
key = keys.pop(0)
if len(keys):
dic.setdefault(key, {})
build_dct(dic[key], keys, value)
# Transform cookbook default attribute strings into proper booleans
if value == "false":
value = False
elif value == "true":
value = True
# It's a leaf, assign value
dic[key] = value
def update_dct(dic1, dic2):
"""Merges two dictionaries recursively
dic2 will have preference over dic1
for key, val in dic2.items():
if isinstance(val, dict):
dic1.setdefault(key, {})
update_dct(dic1[key], val)
dic1[key] = val
def _add_automatic_attributes(node):
"""Adds some of Chef's automatic attributes:
node['fqdn'] = node['name']
node['hostname'] = node['fqdn'].split('.')[0]
node['domain'] = ".".join(node['fqdn'].split('.')[1:])
def _add_merged_attributes(node, all_recipes, all_roles):
"""Merges attributes from cookbooks, node and roles
Chef Attribute precedence:
LittleChef implements, in precedence order:
- Cookbook default
- Role default
- Node normal
- Role override
NOTE: In order for cookbook attributes to be read, they need to be
correctly defined in its metadata.json
# Get cookbooks from extended recipes
attributes = {}
for recipe in node['recipes']:
# Find this recipe
found = False
for r in all_recipes:
if recipe == r['name']:
found = True
for attr in r['attributes']:
if r['attributes'][attr].get('type') == "hash":
value = {}
value = r['attributes'][attr].get('default')
# Attribute dictionaries are defined as a single
# compound key. Split and build proper dict
build_dct(attributes, attr.split("/"), value)
if not found:
error = "Could not find recipe '{0}' while ".format(recipe)
error += "building node data bag for '{0}'".format(node['name'])
# Get default role attributes
for role in node['roles']:
for r in all_roles:
if role == r['name']:
update_dct(attributes, r['default_attributes'])
# Get normal node attributes
non_attribute_fields = [
'id', 'name', 'role', 'roles', 'recipes', 'run_list', 'ipaddress']
node_attributes = {}
for key in node:
if key in non_attribute_fields:
node_attributes[key] = node[key]
update_dct(attributes, node_attributes)
# Get override role attributes
for role in node['roles']:
for r in all_roles:
if role == r['name']:
update_dct(attributes, r['override_attributes'])
# Merge back to the original node object
def _build_node_data_bag():
"""Builds one 'node' data bag item per file found in the 'nodes' directory
Automatic attributes for a node item:
'id': It adds data bag 'id', same as filename but with underscores
'name': same as the filename
'fqdn': same as the filename (LittleChef filenames should be fqdns)
'hostname': Uses the first part of the filename as the hostname
(until it finds a period) minus the .json extension
'domain': filename minus the first part of the filename (hostname)
minus the .json extension
In addition, it will contain the merged attributes from:
All default cookbook attributes corresponding to the node
All attributes found in nodes/<item>.json file
Default and override attributes from all roles
Returns the node object of the node which is about to be configured, or
None if this node object cannot be found.
current_node = None
nodes = lib.get_nodes()
node_data_bag_path = os.path.join('data_bags', 'node')
# In case there are leftovers
all_recipes = lib.get_recipes()
all_roles = lib.get_roles()
for node in nodes:
# Dots are not allowed (only alphanumeric), substitute by underscores
node['id'] = node['name'].replace('.', '_')
# Build extended role list
node['role'] = lib.get_roles_in_node(node)
node['roles'] = node['role'][:]
for role in node['role']:
node['roles'] = list(set(node['roles']))
# Build extended recipe list
node['recipes'] = lib.get_recipes_in_node(node)
# Add recipes found inside each roles in the extended role list
for role in node['roles']:
node['recipes'] = list(set(node['recipes']))
# Add node attributes
_add_merged_attributes(node, all_recipes, all_roles)
# Save node data bag item
with open(os.path.join(
'data_bags', 'node', node['id'] + '.json'), 'w') as f:
if node['name'] == env.host_string:
current_node = node
return current_node
def _remove_local_node_data_bag():
"""Removes generated 'node' data_bag locally"""
node_data_bag_path = os.path.join('data_bags', 'node')
if os.path.exists(node_data_bag_path):
def _remove_remote_node_data_bag():
"""Removes generated 'node' data_bag from the remote node"""
node_data_bag_path = os.path.join(node_work_path, 'data_bags', 'node')
if exists(node_data_bag_path):
sudo("rm -rf {0}".format(node_data_bag_path))
def _node_cleanup():
if env.loglevel is not "debug":
with hide('running', 'stdout'):
with settings(warn_only=True):
sudo("rm '/etc/chef/node.json'")
def _add_search_patch():
""" Adds chef_solo_search_lib cookbook, which provides a library to read
and search data bags
# Create extra cookbook dir
lib_path = os.path.join(
node_work_path, cookbook_paths[0], 'chef_solo_search_lib', 'libraries')
with hide('running', 'stdout'):
sudo('mkdir -p {0}'.format(lib_path))
# Add search and environment patch to the node's cookbooks
for filename in ('search.rb', 'parser.rb', 'environment.rb'):
put(os.path.join(basedir, filename),
os.path.join(lib_path, filename), use_sudo=True)
def _configure_node():
"""Exectutes chef-solo to apply roles and recipes to a node"""
# Backup last report
with settings(hide('stdout', 'warnings', 'running'), warn_only=True):
sudo("mv {0} {0}.1".format(LOGFILE))
# Build chef-solo command
cmd = 'chef-solo -l {0} -j /etc/chef/node.json'.format(env.loglevel)
cmd += ' | tee {0}'.format(LOGFILE)
if env.loglevel == "debug":
"Executing Chef Solo with the following command:\n{0}".format(cmd))
with settings(hide('warnings', 'running'), warn_only=True):
output = sudo(cmd)
if (output.failed or "FATAL: Stacktrace dumped" in output or
("Chef Run complete" not in output and
"Report handlers complete" not in output)):
if 'chef-solo: command not found' in output:
"\nFAILED: Chef Solo is not installed on this node"))
"Type 'fix nodes:{0} deploy_chef' to install it".format(
"\nFAILED: chef-solo could not finish configuring the node\n"))
import sys
print("\nSUCCESS: Node correctly configured"))
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